friday, march 5, 1999 1:03:22 am

pearl ja [30] sickbo

well, i'm disappointed.

it seems like i won't be going to see the black crowes after all. by the time kelly and i got to boscov's to get our tickets - this by the way was around 2:45 this afternoon - they were already sold out. i should have bought the tickets when i saw them available over the internet. i am such a dumbass.

anyhow, so that we wouldn't be totally bummed out (yeah, dude, like totally) we bought ourselves tickets to levi's sno-core tour 1999 and on the tickets the only two artists it reads are everclear and soul coughing (everclear i won't mind and i hear soul coughing is pretty funky). i've also heard rumors (kelly says that the son of her boss saw it in the newspapers earlier this week) that the black eyes peas will be playing there too, and i definitely wouldn't mind seeing them jam.

after getting our tickets we drove over to school so that we could get a few hours of studying in before the psychology mid-term exam later in the evening. we met up with 3 female students that also attended psych and we got down to studying. or we tried to. or at least i tried to. let's see... there was me, kelly, tonya, mel and lisa. since kelly and tonya couldn't shut-up we hardly got any studying done. so we spent most of the next three hours laughing at each others jokes and sarcastic comments.

so how do i feel about the mid-term? i have this feeling looming over my head that i didn't do well - there were terms on that paper that i didn't even remember seeing before! and this is after reading each chapter twice! well, maybe i read some chapters only once... but still! i'm probably over-reacting though. i guess i'll have to lay off on thinking about it until our prof actually gets them marked, which should be by this sunday. at least i'm glad about one thing - it's one less exam i have to think about. and i'm one more day away until spring break. oh yeah, baby. moo.

it was 7:30 pm by the time all of us had finished; or at least kelly, tonya and i. our class usually ends at 9, and our restless souls needed to let go of our test anxieties, so the three of us decided to hang out.

then we remembered that we live in a dead beat suburb. *laugh*

we spurted out a few options, and then decided to go to my house and have a few smoke sessions. i've hung out with kelly a lot of times (as i'm sure you've read about), but i had never hung out with tonya before, which proved to be rather entertaining.

so, let's see. i had tonya and kelly both in my bedroom from around 8 pm to 12:45 am. don't get any kinky ideas. hah. we actually had a really good time. for the most part we were all pretty mellow - we had a few sessions out on my stone patio, vicariously discussed our spring break plans while simultaneously playing mario kart 64, and kicked back with cool conversation accompanied by a few tunes. our ears were greeted with the retro groove of beck and his album odelay!, as well as the anguished tones of trent and his pretty hate machine. although tonya became quite loopy after our second time outside, a box of crispix was sure to shut her up and stop her munchy provoked complaints.

look, i've got fat head disease! haha!

let's see, what's new here? well, i did put up that new splash page (and yes rach, i know they are essentially useless), which i'm quite fond of. there's also that new info page that i put up, which secretly has a background that gives you subliminal messages to give me all your money. that, and it also has a few links, banners, all that funky stuff.

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