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allie:  i dated her one summer, but for some reason, our relationship dwindled away from couple into friends. we still remain pretty good friends, and I like hanging out with her a lot as we have many similar interests and traits. we are both good friends with susan as well, so when i hang out with susan, i'm also usually hangout with allie - her and susan are almost inseparable. she has a lot of problems that she is constantly dealing with, and her neurotic parents always giving her grief doesn't seems to help much. I hope her future will be brighter than the dark past she has had to endure.
update: work's at a music store and is seeing someone in maryland and hardly sees susan nowadays.

ann:  my full-blooded sister. she still lives in toronto and used to be a major goody-two-shoes. now she talks back to both my parents and can be very conniving, and i had to go back to toronto over a christmas break in order to set her straight. although she tells me that she is being well behaved, i am still suspicious. i love her dearly (she is one of the most important things in my life) and i do not want to see anything bad happen to her.
update: she has decided to live one more year in canada.

chelchel:  a sweet young lady i talk to often through icq and aolim. we have a lot of common interests and i find her company and advice both reassuring and comforting. she is like me, a troubled soul, but despite the trials and tribulations that stand in her way, she manages to persevere and make the best of her situation. she is still struggling with a few of her remaining demons, but she is doing it well and with grace.
update: now in her last year at emory.

chris:  a friend of mine who attends college in colorado. he's quite a wild fellow, getting himself drunk to the point of silliness and where he doesn't remember anything the day after. he's still a riot to hang out with. he is usually the head honcho when a bunch of friends decide to pull off a prank.
update: still going to school in colorado. saw him at a get-together.

dad:  my father is generally an all nice guy. he is very motivated, and likes to look out for his family, but he can be a very stubborn man and is often very difficult to work with. sometimes he can be a jackass, and sometimes he can actually be a "dad". for a long time i avoided communicating with him, which wasn't too hard, since he lived in the states and I lived in toronto, ontario, canada. in september, 1996 I moved in with him in order to pursue my educational goals, and although we argue a lot we seem to respect each other's lifestyle and philosophies. he is a major womanizer.
update: recently got married.

dave:  he has quickly become one of my best friends. we spend endless nights and days just talking about useless things, and of course jamming on guitars. he went to college with me during the spring 98 semester, but will probably be going to a different campus next school year. we really are quite silly when we are together, trying to figure out new ways to freak each other out. together we invented Do the Dew.
update: went up to state college.

gemgem:  a good friend of mine who i constantly make fun of. she's very nice and has a great personality, and I have always enjoyed hanging out with her. she comes to me often about her problems (usually boy problems), but in the long run she usually already knows what she has to do.
update: for some reason during the summer we broke contact. no idea why either.

isaacisaac:  one of my best friends. his house is also like a second home to me, and I enjoy the company of his family very much. we hang out a lot during the summer seasons. at one point we were both going to go to the same educational establishment (drexel), but after a week, I needed to withdraw due to personal problems. i often hear the women ranting and raving about how good looking he is. we worked together in the summer of 98.
update: saw him at a get-together.

jack:  he was my first friend when I moved to my current location. he's had some rough times (he was once addicted to heroin) but he's managed to pull through. i was there for him most of the time, but as soon as he started dating mia, I pretty much backed away so that she could take care of him. and take care of him she did! he's looking better every time i see him. we've just recently rekindled our friendship, and i hope it will continue into the far future. hanging out with him and mia is always a great an enlightening experience.
update: he now works 65 hours a week.

jacobjacob:  a good guy who i've had many great conversations with. we hang out often, usually when he's home from college. he admits to being shy, but once he feels comfortable around you, he is ready to spill his soul and insight into any conversation, whether it be about love, death or life. he is very knowledgeable in the world of sports, and he often likes to poke fun at me because I don't know anything when it comes to professional sports. he is definitely a great friend to have.
update: saw him at a get-together.

jamesjames:  an incredibly intelligent and artistic individual whom i often go to to ask for web design criticism. he is the only male I talk to on icq for large amounts of time. i remember sending him an email about his site and whether or not he would be willing to join prolific, and that's how we started talking to each other. we discuss about many things, from his problems, to my problems (then we try to give each other advice on the situation) and sometimes just about new sites we've discovered on the web.
update: he recently went to visit amy in ohio. he had FUN.

juliejulie:  we became close the spring break of 98, but even though our close friendship has flourished only recently, i feel that she is one of the best friends that i have. i like to talk to her about anything, whether it be my farfetched stories about the supernatural, or how i feel on a particular day, or even my aspirations about the future. she is calm, resourceful, and likes to take comfort in me as well, which is usually a good thing. i find her both pleasant and stimulating to be with, and I'm sure that our friendship will continue for a long time.
update: she is still going to navy. saw her at a get-together.

kathykathy:  a lovely young lady that is living in montreal who seems to have a slight adoration for me. whether anything develops remains to be seen. *grin* i met her on one of my many trips to montreal to pick up my father. very cool to hang out with, and very pleasing to the eyes. she has provided me with hours of stimulation. i enjoy her company very much. We have FUN when we are together.
update: i saw her this past x-mas.

kelly:  a extremely lovely and extremely interesting lady, we first met in psychology class. despite first thinking that was a snob, i later and fortunately found out that she was extremely cool and shared common interests with me. a great person to talk with, entertaining and fun seeking, she is always a pleasure to hang out with. i look forward to our future adventures.
update: we have started hanging out more often.

krys:  my second youngest sister - but really my half sister, or niece, depending on how you look at it. i've learned to accept and love her as a sister, although when i was younger i used to despise her. she is very intelligent, but has low self-esteem and doesn't take well to my father's criticism.
update: still in middle school, and has discovered the joys of being on the telephone 24/7.

mia:  jack's beautiful girlfriend. i remember first meeting her when i found out that i was taking her to the winter formal at my old high school. *laugh* although she was a great person to hang out with (and extremely lovely) i never once thought about pursuing a relationship with her because i knew jack absolutely adored her. and now she's given him the best years of his life. and to think they wouldn't have hit it off if i didn't double date with jack that night.
update: still dating jack, but hardly sees him due to his work schedule.

miriam:  an old friend. she used to live in texas, but now resides in pittsburg, where she is going to school. she is wonderfully brilliant, and although it's quite rare, i always enjoy my correspondance with her. she seems like a great person to have adventures with, and i'm hoping to visit her soon.
update: she asked me to visit this summer.

missy:  a beautiful young lady, who once confessed to liking me. i drew her tonue once. she has a great tongue. we don't talk as much as we used to, but it's always a pleasure when we do.
update: she is seeing her boyfriend again, who is a big fat ass that jerks her around. oh well.

mom:  my mother and i had a very easy going relationship, but i admit that i was rather harsh when we used to argue. my mother was never really a "mother" to me, but more like a big sister - she often would go out and party with her friends, while i stayed home and attended to my sister. i have never hated her for this, as i understood the pain that she was going through we she found out that my father was having an affair. i love her dearly, but contact with her is rare.
update: she called me in november 98!

rachel:  i talk with this sweet young lady often on aol im, whenever i can find her. she share a huge common character flaw - raging insomnia. i find that most of our conversations occur after midnight, and when we aren't consoling each other, we're having a good time conversing about music, politics, movies and significant others.
update: we've discussed meeting sometime, but no official plans have been made.

rissa:  an ex-girlfriend, and we still remain friends. we went out when i was still living in toronto, and for a time we were very much in love. there was a time when i avoided her for stupid reasons, but we have since cleared things up, and she continues to now be one of the best friends i have ever had.
update: i last saw her during this past x-mas season.

samantha:  another icq friend. we first interacted when i wrote her an email informing her that i put a link from my site to hers, and since then we've remained in contact. lately i've been talking to her a lot and she is turning out to be a real good friend. she lives near toronto, where i used to live. she seems to be very fun to be with, not to mention caring and sweet, and i'm sure she is!
update: i saw her during x-mas.

susan:  she is one of the closest friends i have ever had, and i love her dearly. she is an aspiring singer but recently her dreams had to be put on hold due to a medical problem that arose within her throat. she is generally a nice person and great to hang out with, and she can be very flirtatious. at times she can be very sad and withdrawn which is usually when she's thinking about a someone she has feelings for, or something about her future. she fights a lot with her mom, but let's not even get into that. she can usually be found with allie.
update: has disbanded from all her friends for no reason, and people suspect she is anorexic or bulimic.

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