tuesday, march 9, 1999 12:32:43 pm

what i'm selling over ebay

ohhhh, i've been meaning to write. really i have, it's just that when i think about writing, i then think of something better to do.

spring break is here, and i'm wasting it away. i decided not to go anywhere for spring break - to be honest, i'm sick of travelling. that's funny coming from a boy that just wants to up and leave and go across the country. but really, i am. i've driven and flied to so many places so many times it's actually making me NOT want to travel. that sounds wrong for some reason. oh well.

i haven't really been doing much. i haven't even really been partying. well, i did saturday night - kelly and i went over to tonya's house as she was having a little shin-dig (is that right?) at her abode, which i might add is even more bumblefucky than kelly's place.

so get this - i walk into tonya's place, and it's pretty kicking. the music is blasting, i'm immediatly handed a beer, and told where all the essential facilities are. at one point, i'm introduced to tonya's mother who seems to be cool with all of this. there was the usual "nice to meet you ma'am", and all that. then, she pulls me closer (this is when i discover that she was pretty wasted), and she asks me with a semi-slurred voice, "hey, do you got any pot?" *laugh* do i look THAT shady, that that question would come out of a woman i hardly know? true, it was in a party environment, but still...

of course, i obliged, since she offered to chip in. i pulled out my new glass bowl (which i had just picked up friday night with kelly in philly) and right there we sparked. about a half hour later, tonya's boyfriend came up to me and asked if i had any sniffables. that was slightly scary, but i told him that i haven't done that shit in a long time.

and that has pretty much has been the extent of my partying, so far. i stayed there pretty late since i had to wait until i was no longer feeling drunk, but overall i felt pretty good. i was pleased.

but now i'm bored. there's absolutely nothing to do in this place. maybe i should have left anyway. yesterday, i was so bored, that i took out one of my boxes of comics and counted up how much everything was worth according to this month's wizard. it came out to a whopping 800 dollars plus! this is just from one box! so i've decided to sell it over ebay. however, my category is so jam packed with other comics, that i'm thinking my stuff won't even get noticed. suck. and i'm only selling it for 400 bucks. do you know someone who would be interested? maybe you are?

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