sunday, march 14, 1999 2:22:22 pm

my ticket to levi's sno-core

it's strange waking up deaf.

my alarm clock, aka the thing from hell, had been ringing for 10 minutes before i finally got up. i don't know if that has anything to do with my temporary audio hearing loss, but it was annoying nonetheless. hell, alarm clocks are irritating. i think i'm going to throw mine out. something that wakes you up on purpose has got to be evil.

for the most part things are kind of muffled, however i notice that i can't even register higher pitched noises. for instance, my house alarm. whenever my house alarm is active and someone opens a door, the alarm control box then proceeds to emit a semi-high but tolerable tone to inform the opener of the door to press in the secret code, or suffer from an extremely loud and high dose of alarm type noises, which is not very tolerable at all. well, if it weren't for my sister shouting at me to turn the alarm off, i wouldn't have known the the warning tone was ringing. i didn't hear it at all. i thought that was an interesting observation.

well, my recent hearing loss was acquired due to the sno-core concert that kelly and i attended last night. i had lots and lots of fun. randall was indeed a happy boy.

let's see where i can start off. i did almost die while getting there. on the way to the electric factory in philly we missed our exit, and suddenly we found that the road we were on (the ever busy 676) was dividing into east and west 67, which was a bad thing. anyhow, traffic suddenly stopped, but my perfectly toned driving skills somehow managed to prevent me from smashing into the car in front of me. well actually it was my volvo's wonderful brakes. i stepped out and there was literally less than an inch's space between my bumper and the car in front of me. as i stepped back into the car, completely high on the overwhelming amount of adrenaline flowing through me, kelly muttered "thank god i wasn't driving. we might be dead right now." such a pleasing though.

anyhow, we almost got lost in north philly which is usually not a good thing either, and kelly was starting to get agitated because she wanted to get down with some tailgating business, but we finally got there. we pulled into the parking lot, pulled out 2 six packs of corona, and got to some drinking.

to our surprise (and disappointment) we found that not many people were partying out. we met a few people from some sappy high school (can you believe they were doing shots of coors light? that's almost pathetic. wait, that is pathetic.) and some older people from reading, pa. they were nice enough to join us in a small smoking session before the concert got started.

at the gates i got sent back because of my "midnight messenger" swiss army knife. damnit.

so i finally got in and managed to find kelly (which was a miracle). we somehow snaked up to the front through a bunch of crazy moshers (which was also a miracle). i definitely felt like a sardine. people were stepping on my shoes, i took a shower with other people's sweat, and i had strangers pressed against my body for about 97% of time. it was great. a gorgeous young lady that was behind me (literally) for most of the concert kept apologizing for fucking me up the ass. i found this humorous. things were good.


everything was incredible. i was saddened by the fact the so many people really only came to see everclear (which is fine because they played a fucking rocking show, with two encores, and a dance up with the band, and kept screaming how philadelphia was great and that our show might end up on their live album) because everyone was incredible. dj spooky was spectacular (damn, that subliminal kid), soul soughing ruled (i happen to like circles), and black eye peas blew my mind away as i expected they would. but the crowd only really got sucked in when everclear started rocking.

when everything was done and over with i realized that i had been standing in front of the speakers for most of the concert. i figured that aching calves, sweat drenched clothes and loss of hearing was a small loss for a great concert. i figured correctly.

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