friday, march 19, 1999 12:32:28 pm

what the hell was i thinking?

she motioned to me
that she wanted to leave
and go somewhere warm
where we'd be alone
i do not know, what's going on
but i'm guessing it's an all night thing

if it's an all night thing
nobody is gonna make is end
and if it doesn't begin
don't worry that i'll take offense
and if it's an all night thing
and we fall like a tear falling
to the ground
i'll never come around
and you'll never hear a word from me
if it's an all night thing

i walked along, feeling at ease
and falling like rain
into her scheme
she won't let on what that will be
but i'm guessing
it's an all night thing

- cornell

so i've gotten all my midterms back. straight a's, thank you very much. and to think i was worried about psychology. that's a load off my back.

so in celebration, i went drinking last night. i drank too much. kamikazes, coronas, mind racers, more kamikazes, more coronas. i got pretty sloshed.

i'm looking to get hired. i got offered a job in michigan, but i'm not going to relocate any time soon. i'm hoping for this one multimedia firm in wilmington, delaware to hire me - that would be nice. they are close by, and the pay would be most excellent.

i've been thinking about missy lately. we haven't spoken since our last phone call, which is strange, because by now i would have normally forgotten a conversation that long ago. what's stranger is that when i got home from drinking last night, she was waiting on my patio. i let her in and we talked. indeed...

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