saturday, march 20, 1999 11:52:11 pm

signal ahead you bastard!

today is the first day of spring. it didn't feel like the first day or spring. it never does.

[ email letter to miriam sent yesterday ]

hey. i'm sitting at my computer lab with nothing to do. i'm dreadfully tired, and i've got a scratchy neck. on the inside. does that make sense? i'm hoping it does, so you can understand how annoying it is. i try to clear my throat but it only gets more irritated. i'm hoping that i'm not coming down with something - that would break my claim to fame of not getting sick this winter. geez, and with one day left too.

i have added your name to the names page - however, you won't find it today. in my haste, i forgot to ftp the new names page with my new journal entry.. and you know.. yeah.

i don't really talk to anyone online anymore. i'd really wish you'd get a computer soon. bum-head. james and i have interesting conversations every once in awhile, but we don't go out of way to talk to each other anymore. i think we just see our names sitting on our contact lists on either icq or aol im, but we don't even bother. well, at least i know that's the reason in my case. james may just be talking to katharine all the time. which really wouldn't surprise me.

i'd like to move out soon. things are starting to get hectic at home, and i just don't like the feeling of it anymore.

i've started smoking again. cigarettes that is. i've always been smoking that other wacky stuff, but i've tried to stay away from cigarettes, but to no avail.

do you still blow glass?

i'd like to visit you sometime. i think it would be nice to add a "pittsburgh" chapter in my adventure book. i've never been there, but have heard stories of that steel mining town. i hear it's very industrial, whatever that might be. if one were to think in the wrong context, one might think that everyone there looks like trent reznor or something.

you know what i hate? i hate computer screens that are set at 480xwhatever. that small screen setting? it doesn't even make sense. to be honest, i hate all settings that aren't 800x600, but you can't be picky about everything, right? damn everyone and their individualistic ways. or something like that.

this is turning out to be a rather long email letter. i may use it as a journal entry, if you are so kind and send it back to me.

my wanderlust and longing to go west is growing ever stronger. i don't know what to do. i'm thinking that it will become a reality in a few years - at least i'm hoping that it will. i was looking at jobs over the internet (big surprise) and there was this one job in vail, colorado, and in the job description they said that one could go skiing during their lunch break if they wished. that would be an awesome job. *laugh* but, like i said, i don't think i'm ready to relocate just yet.

well, my throat is starting to get the better of me, and i'd better end this soon, before my next class starts. or something like that. take care.

[ email letter sent to emily really late today ]

that's real weird. i was just thinking about whether or not you had gotten my past email. then again, i'm wondering, is this letter only to me? my mind races in several directions and finally i rationalize, no, it must only be for me. either that or i'm full of myself or just really tired and being extravagantly paranoid.

authority sucks. i can't stand it. down with the man.

talking about yourself can be good. i find your speech terribly cryptic and exciting, almost like it's words spilling out of my thoughts in one stream.

i know exactly how you feel about flames. that passion that can sometimes remain dangerously unquenched, almost smoldering, waiting for the right temperature and situation to suddenly overtake all sane thought. it can be maddening.

i like your new splash page.

i must give your page too many hits.

the vanilla ice story will be on vh1 soon. how funny is that?

i should write a journal entry.

there is just too much garbage on my computer desk.

it makes me laugh when i hear other people talking about html and websites. i hear them in the library, at the bookstore, sometimes walking down the streets.

"she won't let on, what that'll be"

i'm soon going to be formatting about 40 floppy disks. it's like they've become obsolete with the arrival of cd burners and zip disks. technology - it's natures disease.

i've raised several interesting points in this email. i think i'm going to post it someday.

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