sunday, march 28, 1999 2:36:22 pm

save our earth.  that's what it's supposed to say.

there are those that are out there that claim that palesky is in desperate need of an update. i am inclined to agree with them. so here i am katharine.

what can i say though? - i've been in a really good mood. a really good mood is usually accompanied with a burning desire to be social, so i've been hanging out with people in the real world for awhile.

i wish i had some interesting anecdotes to entertain you with, but i really don't have any.

life seems to be going my way for a bit. things have actually calmed down on the home front - for the most part, everyone in this house tries to avoid each other. i think we've all come to realize that we get on each others nerves, so the best way to not further any conflict is to keep out of each others way.

last thursday i went to a few job interviews. and i'm happy. that multimedia firm in wilmington i was telling you about a few days ago seems to really like me, as they've already emailed me twice stressing the notion that they are very excited about the prospect of me working with them. hell, i was just excited about the interview. now the chance to work at a job that could very well be a career for me? sometimes when i think about it, i can hardly contain myself. hmm, where's that towel?

hey, anyone out there want to design a splash page for me? you'll get full credit of course.

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