thursday, april 8, 1999 10:46:11 pm


well, i'm back.

it's strange. i haven't really been away from the internet, but it's like i subconsciously avoided being on the internet. or something like that. let see if i can explain this.

you see, originally i was connecting to the internet through bellatlantic. i have nothing against them now - in fact, i think that their service was and is still phenomenal (they were my connection for about 2 to 3 years), but in march they informed all their users, myself included, that our fee will only get 150 hours of usage on the internet. now, if you haven't been able to tell, i'm almost on the internet all the time, so it was unrealistic to stay with bellatlantic. in fact, for the month of february, i was on the 'net for 609 hours. *laugh* so by april 1st, our connection was cut off, and my father decided to use those free trial offers that at&t always seems to be offering on his computer. unfortunately, if i wanted to use that account, i would have to install their "software" on my computer, something that i wasn't too thrilled about. so instead, i decided to wait it out until i got my dail-up account from work.


oh yes! how exciting. for the past week i've been working for that multimedia firm in wilmington, delaware. you know that one i kept mentioning in previous entries? well, it seems that my charms have been working in overload, because they actually hired me. i'm really quite excited because, well, i MAJORLY lucked out. in fact, one of my employers was telling me that if i had emailed them my inquiry a week later, they probably would have hired someone else. on the other hand, a week earlier they weren't looking for someone. and the funny thing is, i didn't even know they were hiring! i basically just emailed them asking if they were interested in hiring a web designer / developer / whateverthehellido, and they seemed interested. then boom, badda, bing! i'm in for an interview. then i'm hired. then i'm working. getting paid (quite well, i might add) for something i do for fun, and something i learned in my free time.

the work environment in incredible. everyone there is really cool, and everything is really casual. today i walked in with sandals, shorts and a t-shirt, and so did a few others (by the way, the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous!). we listen to tunes all day, watch taped episodes of south park, and goof off every once in awhile - and we still manage to get work done. i'm telling you, it's like a dream job.

let's see, what else has happened lately... oh yeah, yesterday i drove into philly to take my american citizenship whatever test. you know that test us residential aliens have to take in order to become an american citizen (have you forgotten already that i'm canadian?). well, the test went well. i passed, and by the month of july i should be an honorary american. and a canadian. i'll be a duel citizen! ah, the joys of being born in a commonwealth country.

as you can tell, i'm a happy boy. work is incredible (as you've probably already surmised), school is incredible easy (still pulling those a's), and i still manage to get a little partying in. in fact, last friday alice and i went to barnaby's and got pretty wasted. i know that was awhile ago, but i also know that alice keeps checking my site to see if i mention her. so alice, there. heh.

so what have you been up to? c'mon, i'm listening.

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