saturday, may 1, 1999 11:59:59 pm

cheesy construction sign

don't even tell me that i haven't been around - i know that better than you.

present situation: classes are finally over. i'm pretty confident that i pulled myself straight a's, but one can never be sure. even if i didn't, i think it would be fine - i'm just happy that i don't have to go to classes anymore. the next week will still require some studying for final exams, but like i said, at least i don't have to go to classes anymore.

work is fun. as i stay there longer and get more familiar with my work environment and the people around me, i pretty much feel good. this is for a number of reasons: one, i majorly lucked out. two, this is practically a dream job for me. three, everyone there is really nice. four, we listen to tunes all day and watch taped episodes of futurama and south park at lunch. five, i get mad pay. six, did i mention this was a dream job for me?

there's still the bookstore, meaning i still work there every once in awhile. pat is no longer there (the old authoritative manager that USED to work there), and now we have a new manager who is so much nicer than pat ever was. when i got hired at the design firm, the only reason i didn't end up leaving the bookstore was because of the people there, linda (the new manager) included.

i'm in the process of decided where my new home will be. strangely enough, my father and i are getting along better than ever, i just feel that it's time i go again. i can only stay near my parental units for so long before i feel like i'm going insane. i've even started looking through papers, and surfing the internet for nice places to move into. my requirements are: some place cheap, hopefully with two bedrooms, a basement, wall to wall, a lawn and pets allowed. these requirements aren't really for me, as i probably would be happy in a dingy apartment that didn't have any of those things, but instead are for jack and his collective unit. heh.

yeah, jack and i have been discussing the notion of moving in together. this would obviously entail having his dog move in with us, and mia and her dog would probably be over all the time. the second bedroom would be for him (duh), the basement for us to jam, and the lawn for the pets to run around. i think it would be a nice situation.

and for today? besides the usual happenings (usually me hanging out with mia and jack, doing mad science) i worked at the bookstore. however, what made it interesting was the fact that i spent most of my work time assembling this huge paper droid in preparation for the huge star wars promo this bookstore will be presenting. even now, i can hear the star wars hysteria rumbling off in the distance, getting ever close, ever louder. people are already lining up in front of theatres waiting for tickets. the faces of darth maul and anakin skywalker seem to be everywhere, while the rest of the world slowly begins to erase the columbine and kosovo issues out of their minds.

i remember standing in line the first day that the matrix opened. a movie that satisfied me. classic keannu reeves moment: "woah".

now in my possession is "the simpsons: a complete guide to our favorite family" book. costing $16.95 (or $23.75 for those canadians or non-canadians living in canada), it is a must for any simpsons fan. since jack, mia, my employers and i all watch the show pseudo-religiously, it only made sense that i get the book. i've already voiced to mia how i was getting her a copy of the book on her birthday this 22nd (i believe) so she better be happy. (in a slow, inebriated-esque voice): yeah.

according to the supermarket scanner, maggie simpson's value is eight hundred and forty-seven dollars, and sixty-three cents. only. ($847.63) that was like writing a check. or something like that. stop laughing at me.

ahhhh, doesn't that feel good?

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