sunday, may 2, 1999 11:59:59 pm

red light


sunday for me is all about tradition. also known as doing my chores day. it's also a day where i get together with fellows and jaunt.

today's adventures started with me waking up. waking up can be such a bothersome process. first you kind of realize that you are awake. then you realize that your face is wet because you've been drooling. after wiping your dried up crusty saliva, you get up, perhaps accompanied with a yawn or a stretch, and then become overwhelmed by a deep temptation to sink back under the covers and sleep the day away.

well, that i didn't do. hearing the garage door opening i eyed my clock and noticed it was noon. shit, two hours after i promised i would mow the lawn.

i had mowed the lawn last week, but since i had the blade setting at its highest point, the grass was quite long this week. also, i believe that my father had covered the grass with weed killer and fertilizer, so i'm sure one of those things helped in some manner. either way, i wasn't out mowing, which is a no-no when promising such a thing to my father.

i mostly hate cutting grass. if you're wearing jogging pants (for instance when it is too cold, or windy like today was) they get all green because you're constantly walking around in grass cuttings. then you go over wild flowers and your nose gets all irritated by the pollen - something that probably would have driven my crazy if i had allergies. then you get all sweaty, and then you start wiping your brow, then the sweat on your arm that you used to wipe your brow gets grass stuck on it because of the sweat, and then you wipe your brow again, and it's game over. grass all over you.

i'm actually quite lucky. my whole family has allergies. my mother. my father. my sisters. my cousins. my aunts, uncles. you get the picture. and lucky old me doesn't. i always snicker and tease my direct family whenever i seen them sniffling. perhaps i'm being mean.

tradition also entails that i go over to jack's house, where he, mia and i watch the weekends (and hopefully new) simpsons. i had brought my cooler over, so the evening also consisted of a few grav sessions. my congrats to mia, who pulled one that was rather milky and thick. we all got pretty hammered.

i came home, and i got a icq request. from miriam. oh happy day, miriam is back. and this time with a computer. heh.

go pick up print's european design annual 1999. you won't be disappointed.

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