monday, may 3, 1999 9:00:00 pm

farm picture made in bryce, by joe.  joe, you that man.


i'm already finding that starting my entries by mentioning what the day is is annoying. i also find that having two of the same word after each other is annoying (referring to the "is is" in the sentence earlier.) anyhow. i'm much too tired. i'm going to go to bed, just because i'm so dreadfully tired. there's no real reason as to why i'm tired - i didn't go to the gym, or go biking, or play lacrosse, or something like that. but this tired and numbness has overwhelmed me and my mind can't think, i feel lathargic, sluggish and such. basically, it's night-night for randall. maybe it was the huge turkey sandwich that i ate for lunch. maybe.

see that picture? if it were larger (maybe i'll get a larger copy to show all of you), you'd see all the detail. the thing is damn beautiful. it was created in byrce 4.0 by one of my employers, joe, and the darn thing looks real. he's the man - in fact, at work we call him the internet doctor. joe, you the man. heh.

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