creative excess

info: this page, what you are reading
banners: there are banners here
wishlist: things i want, stuff i don't need

life: observations, thoughts
dreams: where i go at night, fantasy
taoi: the act of index, previous covers experimentation, an ongoing attempt looking through limbo

journal: trails and tribulations
webcam: silly me
storyboard: a visual interpretation of sorts
7mm: finding beauty around us
paleTV: was this kind of thing cool?
parsifal: a tale of dreams
svengali: a creative mess/blob
renditions: old, pretentious poetry

archive: old log index
feed: log feed

random design: flash, photoshop, fun
random words: sometimes i think i can write
elsewhere: places to go, places i like

mark: that's me
randall: a pseudonym i used
birthdate: february 5, 19XX
location: delawhere?

email: mail me, i love emails, but i hate spam
mobile: text message me, and i still hate spam