wednesday, march 3, 1999 11:03:47 am

edis siht gnikrap on - tfel nrut tsum enal tfel

so they call me moron.

it's 11 o'clock and i'm feeling pretty dumb. after studying my psychology textbook for mad hours last night, it seems that i forgot to put my paper and sheets and study guides and the textbook itself away. normally this really wouldn't mean much (and to be honest, it doesn't really mean anything now either), but in the disjointed rest known as sleep, it seems that i rolled over all my psychology stuff a few times which has resulted in many sheets of paper being either ripped or crumpled. this doesn't sit very well with me.

i woke up almost frantically - today is garbage day! i get very irritated when i forget to throw out the garbage, as that results in my garage being very smelly. smelly garages usually do not impress nice young women. yeah. well, like i said, i woke up almost frantically after realizing that it was eleven, because that means that i missed the garbage trucks. in desperation i looked out my window to see if the my neighbors' stuff got picked up, and alas it did. smelly garage. fuck.

for the first time in my life i shrunk an article of clothing. it was one of my many gray sweaters (they all aren't the same gray sweater, i just have a bunch of sweaters that are gray) and it was mostly comprised of wool. in my hapless incoherency yesterday morning, it seems that i forgot to take out my wool sweater out of the laundry before shoving the whole pile into my dryer. when i got home last night after my speech comp class exam imagine my disgruntlement when finding out that one of my favorite sweaters was now 10 sizes to small. maybe i should keep it though - it'll probably fit my baby sister. naa, it's too embarrassing.

so i finally called missy yesterday. we really didn't talk much about anything, she mostly whined about the boyfriend she just dumped. i immediately sensed some sort of rebound thing starting to happen, and that's just not the way to a woman's heart. not only are you using her emotions to cheat, but you're really cheating yourself, no? a half-hearted love is not my idea of a relationship. i told her how i felt about this, and she sputtered some thing along the lines of being totally embarrassed. i was in the process of telling her not to be, until she interrupted me and said, "the thing is randall, i've liked you for awhile".

i replied, "gee, that's why you haven't called me in a million years". she went on to explain that she was busy and blah blah blah. i still think it's that whole rebound phenomonon running her hormones right now. i'm going to keep my distance.

kelly called yesterday. we have agreed to go to a couple of concerts together for this up and coming spring break (yeehaw!). we've so far only chosen to watch the black crowes, which should be a blast. i remember watching them at the free concert in toronto they gave many years ago. it was at g. ross lord park, which some torontonians know is HUGE, and yet the place was jam packed. the sidewalks leading to the park were sickly overcrowded, people were climbing up trees, the smell of beer and pot were in the air, and if you were late getting there (which was like 7 o'clock in the morning and beyond) you probably couldn't see the black crowes that well. it was a fucking blast.

i still haven't gotten around to responding to any of my emails. rat bastard is what they call me! it's such a hard process for me. what am i going to write? will i sound witty, or basically retarded? i usually assume it's the later, because there's no way that i can sound witty in an email. i just doesn't have the umph like when talking to me in person.

how many of you actually understood this entry?

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