monday, march 1, 1999 8:27:03 pm

picture, waterpapered.

i scratched my head and wondered how i got there. i skipped my usual aisles, literature, computers, fiction, new fiction, humor, and instead found myself within business. like clockwork, my mind began to process.


my eyes raced over titles, while i continued to think of ideas. will this work? can i possibly ever be motivated enough to do these things? where will i be in 10 years? the list of unanswerable questions continued to grow.


i pulled out a small note pad from my back pocket. a few sheets were missing (what i wrote on those sheets escapes me - probably burnt out ideas for stories) and the top sheet was creased, probably from shoving the pad to quickly into my pocket. my ears tuned in as i ripped off the creased sheet of paper and crumpled it into a ball.


reaching into my breast pocket, i managed to find one of those generic blue ball point pens that everyone seems to have excess of except for yourself when you actually need one. running my fingers across its sides i felt that i had once chewed this pen, or at least the person who i stole it from did. i adjusted my arm, hand and fingers and began to write.


0070118922  the 60 second investor
0684840073  stock market genius
0134236742  how to make 1,000,000
0028626486  the lazy way
067189451X  guide to understanding
0793123682  buying mutual fund 4 free

0764504649  starting an online business

since writing this list i have acquired 0070118922, aka chuck carlson's 60-second investor. as i write my bookmark sits between pages 48 and 49, where i am reading about reverse stock splits.

my bookmark isn't actually a bookmark, but rather a stiffer than normal piece of paper resembling one of those subscription thingees that always seem to fall out when you are reading a magazine. it offers a very enticing offer: EARN MORE MONEY.

three blisters have sprung and blossomed upon my body, all of them located on my right hand. one on the tip of my thumb, another on the tip of my pointer finger, and the last on the tip of my middle finger. they began to emerge after a rigorous jam session over the weekend at phil's house, where i mostly used the bass guitar. my fingers didn't take lightly to playing an instrument that i haven't played for a long time. especially when i hadn't finger picked for a long time either.

i've been thinking of whether to pop these three suckers. they are small, and mostly only a nuisance when i want to start writing, or when i type. it's a strange feeling when those particular fingers strike the keyboard - like there's some kind of buffer between them, because there is. yeah.

i am going to buy a new computer. one of them brand spankin' new pentium III's, at least 500 MHz. at least i'm going to buy it when i get my tax return. oh yes, i forgot to mention that i've already filed my taxes! avoiding the april 15th rush makes randall such a happy boy.

p.s. i've gotten behind in my emails again. i can be such a rat bastard that way. soooo, all of you are going to have to wait. that would include sara, miriam, and mirla (hey pinay). and jason - you've given palesky so many hits, it's ridiculous. not that i mind. heh.

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