tuesday, february 16, 1999 1:35:53 pm

i'm stuck in this road sign rut.

it was friday evening and i had arrived at kelly's house around 10:30, my mind still a bit dizzy from puffing on the way there, and getting there was a hassle in itself. i was greeted by her old friend, ivan, who currently resides in maryland. he visits kelly often (or so she informed me), as they remain close friends even after breaking up from their relationship. i found out later in the evening that ivan was quite a cool fellow.

we took ivan's car to the party, which chugged along nicely as flurries danced over us. it had rained a few hours earlier, but with the temperature drastically dropping with the sun's departure, what was once drizzle was now beginning to freeze over.

we had finished the rest of my kind nuggets by the time we got to the get-together. we drank, immersing ourself within the walls of intoxication and drunkenness. i think i was already on my tenth by the time an hour passed by. i decided to stop.

sunday i was sitting on the couch with jack and mia. the conversation was drifting around the room, accompanied by a grey haze of smoke. our eyes were fastened to the tube watching different episodes of the simpsons, while we discussed whether or not we should return the video we had rented. jack turned to me and asked, "how much is the late fee at blockbuster - is it more than one rental period?". i sat there, not thinking clearly and muttered "i don't know".

silence. jack and mia sat looking forward with a strange expression on their faces. after thirty seconds, jack turned to me once again and said with a grin encompassing his face, "you know, that's the first time i think i've ever heard you just say 'i don't know'". the three of us chuckled an inebriated chortle as we continued to pass around our pleasures.

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