friday, february 12, 1999 3:00:49 am

picture of sky kelly and i took after getting gas for her car

i'm deathly tired, and it's 3am. strangely enough, there's no correlation between the two.

last night kelly called me (much to my delight and extreme surprise), and we talked for about two hours, from 10 to midnight, if i'm correct. anyhow, as the conversation drew to a close she cleared her throat and asked, "do you want to go to the gym with me after your last class until psych?". the fact that i immediately said "yes" shows you that i wasn't thinking clearly. i guess the idea of working out with an attractive young woman was too enticing to allow any room for some sort of rational thought process.

as i began to lay my phone down into it's cradle it suddenly hit me - i agreed to go to the gym - something i hadn't done for about 2 months.

things went well though. i mostly focused on leg crunches and working on my abs, while kelly worked on her shoulders, triceps and other arm muscles. after about 30 minutes we decided to hit the bikes, which was also quite pleasant. we sat there babbling much to loudly (which no doubt must have been an annoyance to the other people in there), discussing how much we disliked working at bookstores (yes she works at a bookstore too). we biked for 30 minutes, when she issued a challenge to me - who could reach 750 meters first on the rowing machines. i gladly kicked her ass. by the time i reached 740 she was sadly behind at around 570 meters, which granted me both heckling and bragging rights.

however, i neglected to stretch properly. while we were walking back to her car so that we could put some gas into it, my left calf muscles froze up on me, which was extremely painful. after cringing for several seconds, i began to curse loudly as i attempted to walk the pain off. kelly on the other hand just stood there massaging her shoulder - apparently she hadn't worked out in a long time too.

after psych class she invited me to go up with her to main campus for the weekend, something that i had to sadly decline. having a weekend job usually robs me of opportunities like that. suffice to say, i enjoy kelly's company quite a bit, and she is quickly becoming one of my better friends.

i didn't realize how tired i was until i finally got home. i remember standing in front of my dad while he explained to me why krys wasn't home yet, but i can't recall hearing anything he said. when i realized that he had finished talking all i said was "need sleep". i managed to make it down into the basement, where i attempted to surf a bit before i did anything else. before i knew it, i had passed out on my bed with my computer still on, my cd player running, my television blaring, and 2 thirds of the lights in my room still left in the on position. i hadn't even changed into my sleeping clothes yet.

well, like i said, it's 3 in the morning, and i'm tired. somehow i managed to wake up - perhaps something in my REM sleep told me that i was still in my smelly clothes and and that i needed to change into something more comfortable, otherwise my dreams might have to punish me. so that's what i did. and now, i'm thinking that i'm going to go back to bed. goodnight all.

p.s. if you have sent me an email in the past couple of days and i haven't replied, don't fret. i've been in the process of trying to switch ip's, which doesn't seem to be working out. but i'll get back to you soon enough.

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