tuesday, february 09, 1999 1:24:09 pm

watch out for for them horses

i had a strange dream last night. i was sitting at the dinner table with two other people i didn't know. one was an attractive african-american woman, and the other was an obese asiatic fellow. the table that we were seated at was not a circle or a rectangle, but rather a triangle. we all sat there rather prim and proper, with knife and spork (yes, we were using spork's) in hand. and on the dinner table garnished with parsley and pepper was a severed hand.

i have no doubt in my mind that i completely fed myself that dream though. before i went to bed - which i might add was rather late - i was telling james how i kept thinking about a gif picture i have of my hand which i have used quite often in my flash movies. and it does look like a severed hand, except without the blood and ripped flesh that usually accompanies a hand that has just been cut off.

my social skills were in excellent form yesterday; by the time i had decided to leave school i had made several new friends. while most of them were nice it is justine and elliot that stick out in my mind.

justine and elliot are friends. they are social deviants. they have at least 15 piercings between the two of them. they are both extremely cool.

actually, i first met justine when i was working at the bookstore. she was browsing through the computer section (coincidentally, that just happens to be my section, heh) while i was stocking, and i noticed her going looking through some html books. of course i couldn't resist talking to her, and we did so for a bit. but after that conversation i never saw her again until yesterday, which was a pleasant surprise.

i had never met elliot before. he looks like the type of person who you wouldn't want as an enemy. i sat listening to his stories of how used liked to screw around with people's heads, even his friends. he's also this really, really, really big guy, so if you pissed him off you'd probably not want to see him for a long time. despite his size and scheming mind he came off as a rather pleasant individual, especially after playing a few games of rummy with him and justine.

my car got hit on the way home. apparently the driver that hit me wasn't paying attention and hit the gas when he saw the light turn green, failing to remember that there were at least two cars in front of him. when i went out to look at the damage i was ready to jump into a hissy fit until i saw the young man shaking. him apologizing profusely to me also helped. i eventually just told him that it was okay, since there was absolutely NO damage done to my car. god, how i love my volvo. unfortunately for the young man, his oldsmobile now brandishes a brand spankin' new bend in its front bumper.

jack and mia got into a fight yesterday. i learned this after receiving a phone call from mia. i told her that they fight for the dumbest reasons - this argument was caused because they couldn't agree on where they were going to sleep. i told her to call jack back and resolve it before i kicked both their asses. to be honest, i feel strange whenever mia calls me concerning her problems with jack. true, they are both really good friends of mine, and i even went out on a date with mia once, but jack has been one of my friends since i can remember. if i recall correctly he was the first friend i had when i moved into this area, and making friends when you are a short, asiatic fellow with long hair, with a wardrobe largely consisting of clothes from the darker side of the color spectrum, moving into a school district that is 98% caucasian, is difficult. jack and his family took me in quite readily, and for this i've always been thankful. so i've always had a strong degree of loyalty when it comes to jack, and this will probably never change.

my birthday celebrations were pleasant enough, and i have more people to thank. james, alice, samantha, katharine, jack, mia, mom, dad, krys, sara, and denise - thanks. oh, and josh too, for the plug.

p.s. i've also added a new tour to 7mm. enjoy!

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