friday, february 05, 1999 4:25:59 pm

what the hell is that thing on the left side?

well. this is the fifth day of the second month in the year 1999. so why should this day be special? hmm.. let me think. i know it'll come to me soon...

so, i've been sitting at the computer lab for a few minutes now. i'm really suppose to be typing out a report for my psychology paper, but would you believe i'm actually surfing the net instead? what's new, i suppose.

last night i was telling jack and mia how i could probably just not leave my house and surf 24/7. no doubt that would probably be quite unhealthy. jack didn't think i could do it though, otherwise i wouldn't be able to hang out with him and his significant other. oh yes, i forgot, i live to hang out with jack and mia. how silly of me.

j and m have been lifesavers though. since i have no spending money for this week and the next due to my books cost me a whopping 400 dollars, they have been kind of enough to be the providers during our several sessions during the week. even though i've spotted for them on many occasions when they've been low on cash (so they rationalize that they owe me, plus the 500 bucks that they also owe me for helping them give capital to start their own business), i feel odd always joining in without being able to provide my share. oh well. i guess i've always enjoyed sharing the wealth.

however, i was able to pay back somewhat... since i've have been mooching from them for the past week, i offered them to borrow my cooler, which also serves as one of the best gravities i've ever used. just the mention of the gravity made jack's eyes light up - he has always bugged me if he could use it sometime. i'm sure mia and he used it well after i left.

a middle-aged woman sitting beside me just asked me how to spell resent. how can you not spell resent? maybe i'm being a little harsh - god forbid that english speaking people should actually be able to spell english.

after i left jack's house i had to go straight to my evening class, which was psychology. it probably is my favorite class this semester, just because my prof tells such interesting stories, and kelly is there too. we ended up talking about synaptics and dendrites and all those funky terms that we should have known from taking introduction to psychology. but i guess it always helps if one reviews all the terms, otherwise someone might not be able to understand what sounds like a bunch of verbage. anyhow, we ended up watching a movie about sleep disorders, where i ended up falling asleep while kelly rubbed my head (one of the assets about having a shaved head).

that reminds me, i need to call her.

anyhow, today has been uninteresting. my mind meandered while in class, as i've never been one to really enjoy mathematics and boring english teachers. i'm also not looking forward to this afternoon - my father wants to take me and krys out to dinner (no doubt we will go to olive garden, as we always seem to end up there) followed by a loving grocery shopping session. but after that, tonight should be fun.

oh yes, i remember. it's my birthday.

thank you rissa, jacob, isaac, miriam, kelly, ann. i love you guys.

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