saturday, january 1, 2000 11:22:33 pm

from L to R:  amy, ed, jeff, myself, jackie, nancy, cece

the new millennium. heh.

well, just as i suspected, all this y2k nuttiness was a prime example of human mass hysteria. (i will admit that if it weren't for the hysteria, things probably would have gone nuts) everything went down smoothly, smoother than i had even expected. i was thinking (which might be a bad thing) that maybe a bomb or two would go off, but i was wrong. which is a good thing. being wrong that is.

as we roll into the new century i have to laugh - what silly people we are. thinking that the whole world revolves around a man made concept. if the end of the world is coming, it certainly isn't going to be in the year two thousand. that would just be too convenient. but then again, i think i've talked about this before.

i have to admit though, i did get caught up in all the excitement. i partied. i drank a little drink, ate some good food, ingested some portabella's and snacked on a whole crate of clementines. i managed to make it home safely (thank god, since i was a little out of my gourd on the way home) slightly before midnight to watch everything go down. all the fireworks were spectacular - i suppose no one was expecting any less, especially on such a "landmark" occasion.

i even went so far as to make a few new year resolutions. and number one on the list would be ... (drum roll please!) to stop buying cigarettes! i know, i know, it's kind of the cheesy way out, but i figure it's gonna help me head into the right direction for my ultimate goal. i figure that smoking socially wouldn't be too bad, plus i'd be saving some money. i figure that just as long as i stay away from buying packs, i'll be okay.

so since the clock struck 1.1.2000.12:00:00 i've only had 3 cigarettes. not bad. not bad at all. especially considering the fact that in the past 3 months i've been averaging roughly a pack a day. just thinking about that and how it has been messing up my lungs makes me cringe. better late than never.

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