monday, january 24, 2000 4:20:00 pm

what's that thing on my head?  and why does it look like i'm taking a crap?

zonk. that's all i have to say. at least for now.

so this weekend was pretty nuts. i mostly avoided phone calls, neglected pages, and slept a whole lot.

i ended up not working very much this past friday. i was anxious to leave, which resulted in me not being very productive. i stared out my window, sat through numbing meetings, ate lunch, and secretly played video games while taking a puff break every two hours. it was good to have a slow day, because i know that i've been working really hard for the past couple of months.

that night i went with roger (one of my roomates) to the deer park in newark, de. apparently, it used to be one of the "hang outs" of mr. edgar allen poe. like you care, right? anyhow, it always seems to be a happening place, and a pretty happening band was there (to kill a mocking bird), so we decided to partake in the happening activities.

by the time things started winding down, i had managed to get hit on once while playing pinball, spill beer all over myself, and drink way too much alcohol. however, roger was still pretty hyper by the time we got home, and decided that he wanted to dose. i decided that i wanted to fall asleep, which is what i did - in the bathroom.

the next day roger and i just chilled out at home. we ordered some pizza from grotto's, drank some grolsh and sierra pale ale, and watched several movies. by the time evening rolled around we had finished watching monty python's quest for the holy grail, the big lebowski, go, and the shawshank redemption. and since i had wasted most of the day away, i thought to myself, "why not waste the night too?" and downed a quarter bag of mushrooms. i spent most of night wired watching mark (my other roomate) blow bubbles on this trippy bubble machine he's got and playing videogames. suffice to say, i didn't get to sleep until 8 that morning, and consequently i didn't wake up until 4 in the afternoon. just in time for that afternoon puff. heh.

so it was off to jack's house for the usual sunday tradition: watching the simpsons, malcolm in the middle (or whatever show is usually in that spot between the simpsons and the x-files) and the x-files and possibly a game of zonk. zonk? zonk you ask? what is zonk!?

well, it was a game introduced to us by gary, which usually consists of some nuggets, a water filtration device, and five 6-sided die. let me tell you, you can get pretty inebriated just by playing one game, even if you aren't close to winning. want the official games rules? email me, and i'll send you a copy.

oh, and just in case i don't write a journal entry before this coming saturday (which is high in probability, heheh) i'm not going to be around for a week starting from this upcoming saturday, but i should be back before feb 5 (feb 5? what happens then? ooooohhhhhhh).

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