tuesday, december 21, 1999 7:21:12 pm


yesterday was a murky monday morning.

dark clouds rolled across the sky as i inhaled quietly on my last camel light cigarette. the air was frighteningly cold - probably not as cold as the winter weather that i was used to when i once lived in toronto - but it was cold nonetheless. i had just shaved my head the other day, and i could feel the warmth draining out straight up my body.

i came to work pretty tired. i hadn't gotten much sleep over the course of the weekend, as i basically was always busy doing something. it's a wonder i got anything done at all.

friday night i had been the most inebriated i had ever been in about three years. there was everything around me: alcohol, bands playing, music spinning, pot, nitrous, e, beautiful women, obnoxious men, friends, enemies, unknowns, hard wooden floors, lines for the bathroom. i didn't have access to water, and the line to the restroom was too long, so i danced around the small apartment that the shindig was being held at, looking for people i knew (and hot women), when it hit me. i obviously had partaken in too much of everything, which directly resulted in having the world around me spin faster and faster, until i almost couldn't stand up. i reached forward for the chair i thought was in front of me (i remember seeing it in front of me just before everything started rotating around me) and basically stumbled. thank goodness many people weren't around for that, but soon i found myself in the hallway, desperately looking for something to lean against. the house was dark, as most of the lighting that was being used were dim christmas lights. soon enough, i found a wall in front of me, and i reached forward to grab it before misfortune could take hold of my most precarious state. instead, i managed to grab some woman's bosom, which delighted me at first, but upon realizing the folly of my ways, a sudden hot flash of terror settled in my stomach. managing to muster the rest of my functionality, i squeaked out a, "oh my lord, i'm sorry" and a smile that probably looked more like a grimace.

she smiled back in return and replied, "that's quite alright."

she guided me back to the sofa where we continued to converse for most of the night, or at least until she passed out beside me. the next day i vaguely remembered that her name was karen, that she had a lovely face, and a body to boot. now, i know you're probably thinking "beer goggles", which in all truth was what i was thinking too when i woke up the morning after (yeah, that and "holy fuck, my head feels like it's going to implode!") but this changed when i saw her in the mall the day after, or rather when she saw me.

i was walking around around by my lonesome, since my sisters had ditched me to look for christmas presents, when i felt a tap on my shoulder. i turned around, and there stood a lovely face, with a body to boot. however, i didn't recognize her (i told you i was wasted) until she started to thank me for keeping her company during the party where she didn't know anyone. i smiled and thanked her for saving me from walking into people during my uncontrollable state. we small talked for a bit, laughing at the nights events and less than memorable moments, and soon parted ways, but not before exchanging contact information on small pieces of paper, at her request. not a bad chain of events, if i say so myself.

but hey, that's not all that happened this weekend. heh.

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