tuesday, june 1, 1999 11:55:22 pm

my awesome backpack

hey all.

this is strange. i haven't wanted to write this bad in such a long time. i have a feeling this is going to be one weird month.

there is a reason for me wanting to write so bad though - such strange events have happened today. i mean, let's start at the stroke of midnight. around that time i was talking with rissa, my last ex in toronto. before my trip to toronto a few weeks ago (it was about two weeks ago for those of you that aren't on the mailing list, hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink) rissa and i hadn't talked for quite some time. it seems that i have this bad habit of not keeping in touch with people, whether local or long distance, but that's a story all by itself. nonetheless, there we were, talking of good times, laughing at each others jokes and pokes until 1:30 in the morning.

which reminds me - i need to get to bed sooner if i'm going to keep waking up at 7 in the morning. 6 and a half hours just doesn't do it for me anymore. randall needs sleep or randall will be a grumpy boy.

a few hours before rissa and i had gotten on the phone, one of my employers called telling me not to eat breakfast, because the girl he is seeing was going to cook breakfast for all of us. so i didn't eat breakfast. breakfast. what a weird word. but anyhow, my taste buds were greeted with crepes with a mildly sweet cream and strawberries, as well as an egg omelette filled with cheese and walnuts. just thinking of it makes my mouth salivate.

work went well. work always does.

at lunch i had the best salad i've ever had. it was mixed with this curly type of pasta, with large chunks of turkey, topped off with an incredible italian dressing. in terms of food, things were going well.

once work was done, i went over to the mall to see what dave was up to. it turned out that he was just about ready to get off, so we decided that we would hang out at the park and play a few rounds of frisbee, and perhaps smoke a bit.

when we got to the park we saw that there was an unusually large amount of people playing there, so we thought it would be best if we played frisbee awhile before we got down to any smoking. after tossing the bee around for a bit, getting all sweaty and hot, people started leaving once they realized things were getting dark. dave and i looked at each other, smiled, and got down to playing a few games of do the dew.

now here's where things got shady: as we neared the end of our first session (by now the whole park was dark) a car pulled up. this in itself isn't a strange occurrence, but i noticed through the night two figured getting out of the car, and slowly walk their way across the parking lot towards me car. this action immediately caught the attention of dave and i. we discussed our options, and after cleaning up, we walked towards the playground, which was on the way to the parking lot. it seemed to work, because once we started swinging on the swings, the people took off. to tell you the truth, i have no idea what they were really doing. maybe i was just being paranoid, but then again, they might have been scoping out my car so that they might steal it. but who knows.

so we walked back to where we once were (which was a gazebo or pavilion of sorts) and got back to doing the dew. a few minutes later, right in the middle of our second session, another car pulled up. dave and i were feeling pretty good about the last situation so we chilled for a bit, but once we saw a strobe light going back and forth, we realized it was a cop. the first adrenaline rush. we talked to each silently in the dark, moving ever so slowly as we cleaned up everything that might have appeared shady. i ended up throwing dave's utensils out into the field, while i stuffed my bag into my pocket.

it took about six minutes before the cop finally saw us in the gazebo (i'm surmising that he actually stayed the long because he saw my car just sitting there) at which point he rolled down through the grass to get to us. we sat there not moving, and as he stepped out of the car i could feel the second wave of adrenaline rushing through me.

"didn't you guys see my lights?"

"uh, yes sir, but we thought we'd just chill."

"hmm. that was probably a bad idea. can i see both of your hands?"

we both promptly showed or open and empty hands.

"so what were you guys doing here?"

"just playing frisbee sir. there were more people here, but when we stopped playing, they decided to take off, while we just wanted to chill out for a bit."

"you guys aren't drinking or smoking, are you?"

"no, sir."

at this point, the cop (who was a statie, i might add) looked at my backpack, asking at the same time "mind if i take a look through this?". my mind flashed a few options. should i say no, making us look rather shady, or should i say yes, and risk being caught? or quickly decided yes. he rummaged around but found nothing, while asking questions like "there aren't any needless in here that i might poke myself on, are there?", or "do you guys come here often, there have been rumors of people taking drugs here". after searching my bag, then dave, and then myself. we had to walk over to his car so that he could check out our driving licenses.

we pretty much escaped unscathed. as i drove towards ruby tuesday's so that we could feed, i couldn't help but feel lucky. dave and i kept going on and on about how we good we felt having dealt with the situation so smoothly and intelligently.

at ruby's i had the bacon triple cheese burger. nice and unhealthy. just the thing after a close encounter with the authorities.

after eating, calling around and realizing that nobody wanted to hang with us, we went over to dave's development, and finished of the sessions that had been interrupted earlier. it was richly deserved.

on a more normal note, it was my mother's birthday today. i wished my mommy a happy birthday, and told her that i love her, which i do. rissa and i ordered flowers to be sent to her house, which i'm sure she greatly appreciated. i know i would have.

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