thursday, june 3, 1999 11:55:33 pm

house, left eye

after a night of smoking and drinking, it was good to be going home. luckily enough, i wasn't driving, as jacob decided he would drive into philly so that we could all (all consisting of jacob, alex, chris and i) see isaac. we had stayed there until 1 in the morning, letting ourselves become intoxicated with the words of others and the humidity of the philadelphia night air. we had been silent for most of the trip back down, and while we exited off of i-95 unto 322, i spotted an odd sight.

me: hey, did you guys see that guy biking on the off ramp to 322? he might get killed.

jacob: what? what are you talking about?

me: you know that weird looking dude that was biking on the wrong side of the road. he was all dressed up in winter clothes for some reason. he had a toque and everything.

jacob: are you serious? shut up. you're joking right?

me: no dude, i'm totally serious. you didn't see him?

jacob: nope.

chris: nope.

alex: zzzzzz.

after a few seconds of my mind spazzing out, jacob informed me that he knew of some guy that had been killed a few years back riding his bike around that area. don't ask me if i was dreaming, because i just don't know.

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