friday, may 28, 1999 1:00:00 pm

my oooogly foot

hey guys,

i basically just want to say that i'm still around. as one can imagine, i've been real busy with my job. a new project here, a new project there, maintaining an old project there, and all that funky stuff. i find that i pretty much don't have any time for myself, doing things such as writing about my adventures during the day. maybe i'll start doing those silly email mailing lists, or just start writing longer messages here, so that you guys won't feel like you subscribed to my update list for no reason, since i really haven't been updating at all.

my last entry (i believe it was on the 6th of this month) was quite awhile back. it was the last in my efforts to try and write everyday for the month of may. once again i failed dismally, but I don't feel to bad about it.

let's see, what have i been up to? well, besides work... hmm.. i've been hanging around with jack and mia a lot, after all, they pretty much are my best friends. i did go to toronto for a little while, and had a good time, even with the circumstances. you see, one of my better friends from my childhood days died in a car accident. my family and i rode up to basically pay our respects. it was sad, but at the risk of sounding callous, i am simply going to have to move on. you can't cry and weep and mop around because that won't solve anything, and instead i celebrated his life and the good times we had. if anything, i'll take whatever i learned from him and share it with others, so that part of him will never die.

during that trip toronto i was terribly sick. after the trip i was sick. before the trip i was sick. i think i was sick for about two weeks. i believe that i had received some sort of virus, but i can't be sure. all i know is that i was sick as shit. sick, sick, sick. at one point I was barfing up lovely liquids all over the place, while at another point i was so drugged up and loopy that i couldn't walk around. it wasn't a pleasant experience. and the kicker? i still have a fucking dry hacking cough that gives me maddening headaches. sometimes getting some nuggets or just downing some tylenol does the trick, but then again, it's only sometimes.

but I feel pretty good about life. i've got a good job. i've got good friends. i have no problems with anyone at all, with the exception of my father, which is quite sad. i'll be moving out either late june or early july, which is nice. friends from college are home and things seem to rolling quite nicely.

well, i've got to run, since i'm writing this from work.

take care,


p.s. i've been thinking about selling away what do you think?

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