sleepless fury

september 3rd

why am I smiling?

Well, yeah, I'm in a bit of a tish. You'd think that not being in my fathers presence would be a good thing, but for the past two days the "little" things in life haven't been going well. I really wasn't in the mood to write in this either, but hell, I figure if I should write about anything, it should about stuff that I'm gonna throw a hissy fit over. And so it begins...

Now let me think. I've found that after a summer of not having to stimulate my brain, it takes a bit for my recall to kick in. Ah yes. Okay, you have to understand that that past two days haven't really been bad - actually on an overall level things have been pretty good. But like I stated in the previous paragraph, it has been the little things that have been pissing me off. For instance, when I woke up yesterday I smacked my head against my wall, instantly ruining any chance that I was going to have a good morning. So I walked around my house in a grumpy manner, not really accomplishing anything, and if you know me at all, you would know how I feel when I'm unproductive.

After giving myself awhile to relax (this is still yesterday) I went through my daily rituals, and was about to proceed into several errands that I had to do before the day ended, when I slipped on floor, feel on my laundry, and broke my 3 week little chameleon-glass bowl that I was hiding. I opened the sock that I was storing Junior (the name Judy gave it after we purchased it) and saw that it was broken, and in an angry/high fit I threw it into the forest behind my house. After that, I became even more angrier, not knowing why on earth I did what I just did. Then, while eating dinner I bit into my lip. Deep. Blood all over lip, my mouth, and dripping on my food. Not fun or appetizing at all. Then, after Alex picked me up so that we could play tennis with Isaac, a storm/hurricane warning rolls over the EXACT minute we step out of the car. And this was all yesterday too.

Yesterday evening didn't turn out to be too bad though. Since it was Alex's last day before he went back to Brown U, we decided that it would be cool to see our buds up at St. Joseph's in Philly, where Kurt, Jacob and Kwame attend. It was good see them all, (with the exception of Jacob, I have NO idea why we didn't see him *shrug*) and we spend the night intoxicating ourselves, and other things that college students do.

This morning I woke up to my dad nagging and bothering me, but I didn't mind that to much since he was leaving for Montreal in a few hours. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he is going to Montreal to get married. How weird is THAT? But that's another whole big story, so I'll get into that another time. Just remind me, okay? Anyhow, I got up, did the stuff that he asked me to do, and then went back to sleep. I guess the night before was still running through me, and I needed to get my rest. Well, to put make it short, after dropping my father off, I spent the rest of day doing NOTHING. Just waiting around my house for someone to call back (I called a few people and left messages, but alas, I am no longer loved :( ) but no one called. To top things off, I couldn't find a few things that would have made my excruciatingly boring stay at home more interesting.

Okay, so enough ranting. I'm watching Big Trouble in Little China staring Kurt Russell. It's on TBS, and nothing better is on television right now, so... What a great movie, though. I remember a few years back when I was still living in Toronto when I, along with a bunch of my friends, rented that movie. Of course I put it on MY rental card, and after a night of watching several movies along with BTiLC and stuffing our faces heartily, I realized the next morning that I could find the video. Now, back in those days I was very prone to forgetting about my problems, and not solving them right away. Well, my procrastination led to an overdue fee of about 250 bucks. Ouch. However, I was under 18, so it went down to 25 bucks, the fee for losing the video. Not bad, but still Ouch. I'm happy that it wasn't 250 though. That would have been slightly annoying.

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