sleepless fury

september 1st

hookah session - me, alex, jacob and isaac

To say that it has been awhile since I've written in here would be an extreme understatement. I haven't really been gone either. Granted I took a few trips out of the country, but for the rest of my days I've been here, either working or just lounging around, enjoying my time before I go back to school. It's not that I don't want to write in here - on the contrary I've often found myself contemplating the thought of writing a new entry... But alas, I never got around to doing it. I came close a few days ago, and also once after I came back from my week long trip in Toronto, but nothing final was produced. And the reasoning for my actual return this time? Nothing in particular I suppose.

Have you had the feeling inside of you, like you don't want to stay cooped indoors at all, and from the very moment you wake up you wish to be outside, doing something, enjoying the world around you and receive what it offers? I've had that feeling inside of me. I had it all last month. For the longest time I was happy with being alone, in seclusion. But also noticed the slowly, with the passing of each new day, I was becoming restless. I wanted to be outside, under the sun and its sister moon, to hear the world and its music, and to be in the company of others. And those others I did find.

I hung out a lot with a few individuals this summer. Most notably Jacob and Isaac; after all, I did go to Toronto for a week with them. I also hung out with Judy and Alice a lot. From time to time I'd see Kurt and Alex, and even though it was rare to see them, when I did hang out with them it was fun.

Judy and Alice. I didn't hang out with them together that often, but when we did it was usually to Do the Dew. I often find myself snickering when I think of the late car drives that the tree of us have taken. And things always seem to be the same each time: First we all sit together, smoking, discussing odd stories and things that are going on in our lives. Next, we jump into my car and take a "Valley Cruise", listening to wonder of Symphonic Floyd as Judy passes out in the back. Then lastly, we find ourselves in a dinner, feeding our faces while Alice reads all the songs on the table jukebox. Sounds interesting, right? To be honest, hanging out with them has been really cool and quite entertaining, and I find that I've grown close to both of them. Before the summer I rarely hung with Alice and Judy, but them having no boyfriends this warm season of red, yellow and orange has allowed us be within each others company much more often, and for this I am thankful.

Isaac and Jacob... well, they're the two that I've hung out with the most. In crude boy-ish talk they would be "my boys", which can sound silly, but it is really quite true. A lot of time the three of could have be found together, bickering about useless things, threatening to beat each other up. But all in good fun of course. A wall of humorous hostility also grew between Jacob and Isaac, but this never got in the way of us having fun and keeping it true. The three of us even decided that we were good enough friends that we could go on a road trip together to Toronto without killing each other. *laugh* And that was quite a blast. We soaked up the town for week, pretty much getting intoxicated every night, no matter where we were staying that night. The first couple of nights we stared at a hotel right dab in the middle of downtown Toronto, then the rest of the week we stayed at my good Uncle's place, where we proceeded to venture into the city's astounding array of entertainment facilities.

Basically, we had a good time.

Coming back home was difficult, as we spoiled ourselves in TO, but it was still good to be home and to be able to sleep in our own beds, rather than the floor, a small single, or the back of Jacob's Dodge Intrepid.

All in all, it seems that my appetite for the outside has been quenched. However, I do find that from time to time I still want to get out, and I usually fall into these minor temptations, but for the most part I am glad to be once again home, typing away on my computer or writing in my scrapbooks. I'm surmising that if you stick around you'll be seeing a whole lot more of me.

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