sleepless fury

september 6th

behold dark days

I've spend most of the day watching all the movies and a special involving The Planet of the Apes series. I will and shall admit that most of the movies were pretty good. Not so much the theatrics, special affects (nowadays, some might say that those ape appliances were terrible!) but the stories in themselves, hiding so many hidden political messages that were of concern during the time the movies were made.

I've been spending the past few nights in Philadelphia, as Isaac and I no longer have any friends left in this area... so we've resorted to hanging with our friends that are in Philly. Last night I slept over at Kwame's apartment... and the night before I slept over at Isaac's unfurnished apartment. They were pretty good nights, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Rather, there were some points in the evenings were NOTHING happened. Hmm. And I was just about to break into my "Hallway Party" story, and also my "Four Girl Poster" story, but I'm getting fucking tired, and I have to many things to do. I'm actually getting really pissed because I did not REALLY want to stay home and watch a freaking Planet of the Apes marathon (although they were enjoyable) and no one has called me back to hang out so... I think I'll just take off.

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