sleepless fury

may 15th

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I'm in a pretty shitty mood. I have no idea why either. I think I need to be put on some type of anti-mood swing medicine. Maybe that St. John Wort stuff.

It was cloudy for me. I mean, er... The sun was out, but in my head it was cloudy. I couldn't really think straight or do anything productive. Not that I minded, as anytime I don't have to do anything I relish. Oh lord. Let me think.

I got up around 10 in the morning, realizing that I didn't have much to do. So I did nothing. It seems that may lack of school has left me with so much spare time that I don't know what to do with it. Of course, I don't want to do anything REAL hard, so I'll save things like cleaning my house, and doing homework for my summer classes until the last minute. I decided that I should clean myself up and drop by my work.

When I got there I was greeted by many people that I didn't know. My new work is pretty cool, and the people there seem pretty nice as well. I was really just dropping by, but my boss said to punch in, and take a look at a few things that he was designing. So I perused through the stuff that he made for about 4 hours and chatted with him and gave him my opinion about it all, and then I suddenly realized that I was going to make 60 bucks for doing nothing. How good is that? Like I mentioned when I got my tax return, I love getting money for doing absolutely nothing. Very good. Very good indeed.

I left work in high spirits, not really knowing what to do next. I knew that I needed to do a few chores, so I went around doing that. Picked up my paycheck at the book store, deposited that at my bank, returned a cooler that SUCKED at Kmart (I suggest you don't get your cooler there, if you want, nevermind, I'll stop rambling) and checking various department stores if I could find a new one that didn't suck shit. No such luck. I was happy nonetheless, as the memories of my work couldn't escape my mind. I'm very happy about that.

I went over Gem's house later, figuring that I would get together with either her or Jacob (they practically live next door to each other) but neither of them were home. I ended up having a 10 minute conversation with Gem's dad, and he is totally cool. We often talk about things, when Gem is off doing some odd stuff in her house. Him, Jacob and I even watched a few games together during March Madness. He is very cool. Well anyhow, while we were talking Gem pulls up in her stinky car. I say stinky because she hadn't used her car in awhile (she broke her back window, hehe) and it was just sitting in her garage for two weeks and it smelled like mildew. I ended up staying at her house and watching several hours of demonic television waiting for plans to be made.

And those plans turned out to be Gem, Jacob, Steve (Gem and Steve have broken up now, if you care) Terry (he still owes me 250 bucks, bastard) and I driving in my car to Philly. See, this wouldn't have been so bad, but we had so many dumb people in my car and we are just major suburbanites that it took us an hour and a half to find parking. I don't mind driving that much (but hell, I'll jump at the chance for someone else to drive!) but after awhile, all the friday-night-finding-parking-in-the-middle-of-a-busy-city-driving started getting stressful. We almost got into an accident at one point (I believe when the stress was at it's climax), but we managed to find parking and stay in one piece, although it cost 7 dollars. Fucking parking lot blood suckers.

We ended up walking up and down South Street, not doing much to entertain ourselves, although we did manage to meet Chris and Jon in the middle of South Street waiting for a concert to begin. That was pretty neat, to meet good friends of ours in the middle of a huge city. The concert was just about to begin as we met them, so we only chatted for a little while before we went our separate ways. A few of us were hungry so we opted to stop at Simon's to grab a cheese steak. Ahhh, the infamous Philly Cheese Steak. Very hard to resist, and I figured I could break my avoidance of beef for one night.

Bad choice.

The cheese steak wasn't very good. It was filling, and rather tasty, but it just wasn't the caliber of cheese steak that I was expecting. I ate my food rather quickly anyway, just because I was so darned hungry. Not eating all day can do that to me.

We left the city in calm spirits, and not in the crazy-silly-ass mood that was within out heads when we arrived. Actually, it seemed like everyone was either tired our bummed out, and we really didn't talk much on the ride home, instead listening to my radio, OK COMPUTER on my CD player, and commenting on how the traffic going into Philadelphia (the opposite direction we were going people) had stopped for a good 5-7 miles. I feel really bad for all those people that were stuck in that traffic. It seemed like it was never ending, and I calculate that the wait must have been at least an hour. *shudder* Waiting that long would be driving hell.

We made it to Gem's house without incident, and while Terry and Steve left right away, Jacob and I stayed over for a hour watching the Great Outdoors, which was on TBS. I didn't stay very long, as I could feel the sleep daemon drifting over me.

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