sleepless fury

may 14th

Take Myself

Hmmm. Seinfeld wasn't very good. Ugh. In fact, I regret watching it tonight.

This is annoying. My computer can be such an irritating machine. It has been acting ever since I managed to put in those 64 extra dimms, but it still goes into hissy-fits. Right now, it doesn't want to backspace properly, and instead of racing of when I hold it down, it only goes back one space, and so I have to make that much more extra effort when I make a mistake while I'm typing. It sounds petty, but it's annoying this shit out of me right now. Fuck.

So after two weeks of constant rain, for the first time I was able to ride my bike. I didn't ride it yesterday, I guess so that I could enjoy the sun that had recently neglected my area. As I climbed on my bike, I felt pretty weird. Doing my first dozen cycles was equally as weird, and I felt like I was almost struggling. Apparently my biking hiatus had taken some energy out of me, as I didn't go quite as far as I normally would have. I came back sweaty and tired accompanied by a feeling of unsatisfaction. As I headed in toward my house to take a shower, I cursed as I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to mow the lawn. So, under the burning the sun, already sweating and feeling tired, I pulled out the lawn mower in an effort to mow grass that was already up to my ankles. I knew I was gonna be out there for awhile.

I didn't take as long as I thought it would. Don't be mistaken, it certainly took awhile as my mower struggles to cut down the forest of grass, but I did manage to get it all done in less than an hour and a half. I was thinking about going over my front lawn again to possibly make it look better, but decided against it as an itchy feeling (no doubt from the combination of my sweat, grass and bugs that were biting me) and put my lawn mower away and took a shower.

I did nothing of significance for the rest of the evening, including watching the last episode of Seinfeld. I wasn't impressed. Not at all. I thought about watching ER, but after an unsatisfying session of television, I though that enough was enough. I spent the rest of my free time designing several web projects that are currently in my "active" folder, while also searching endlessly for a Coleman products website. You know, the company that makes cooler? After searching through various search engines I couldn't find what I wanted. I found Coleman's in Europe and in some strange countries that I didn't even recognize, but I couldn't find anything based in the United States, except through "Virtual Malls" and things of that matter. I am greatly displeased with this, as I'm trying to get my dad this cooler that he lost (and loved) for his birthday. I guess I'm going to have to do some field work and look for it in stores in my area. Bleck. Such a chore.

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