sleepless fury

may 17th

Where is my rest?

I was really expecting to do an entry yesterday, but after realizing that nothing of extreme importance occurred, and decided not to. Besides I had way too many chores to do.


Hah. Like I said, nothing of extreme importance happened. I did the usual, wake up from a delirious dream (one that I didn't really remember, I might add), took a shower and went to work. Work at the bookstore wasn't too bad really. I was kept busy most of day, restocking shelves and rearranging the various sections in the school. It wasn't fun mind you, but it kept my mind from realizing how tedious the work was. So blah blah blah, Pat was annoying, Dawn was dumb, and I was relieved to get off work. Practically like every Saturday. Hah. Hmmm, perhaps the only thing worth mentioning was the fact that this person who I always thought was gorgeous and a great person to hang out with gave me her number and asked me to call her. I can't really complain about that, and I won't deny that I drove home from work thinking that I was the luckiest bastard in the world. Yep, she been on my mind. Debra's her name. And now I'm being distracted by Radiohead.


Bah. Today wasn't too much out of habit either. Like all other Sunday's, today was cleaning day, and so I cleaned my room, vacuumed the house, and mowed the grass which has been growing like a crazy. I even had to set the mower at the highest setting because it was having such trouble cutting the grass at its normal setting. During this time my father and sister were out, shopping at really far mall for this retarded outfit that my sister wanted to get for her talent show presentation at her school. Funny thing is I didn't know she had any talent. *chuckle* I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. She practically just sits on the couch right after she gets home from school and veges out in front of the television. Hmmm, from what I recall, I think she's doing a dance or something. By looking at the way she's been dressing lately, it's probably gonna be some slut dance. Ugh.

Okay, I guess it's time I bitch about my sister. Krys isn't fully related to me - she's only my half sister, the illegitimate child and product of my father's affair. Like I've mention before I didn't really get along with her when I was younger... In fact, I think I acted like a bastard to her, hitting her every chance I got. Well, that was quite awhile ago, and my attitude towards life has changed considerable, and now we get along quite fine. Now, this doesn't really sound like bitching, but I haven't gotten there yet - I was just covering the basics. You see, lately she's been acting like... a slut. A whore. And she's only twelve. Hmm. You know, very promiscuous. And you see, I don't even see what she does all day, just how she acts when she's at home. And if she acts like a slut at home, I dread to think what she acts like when she's not in the presence of me or my father. She dresses slutty, pouring on make-up and wearing slutty clothing. It's embarrassing. I think she's going through her "rebellion" stage, because I've talked to her often about how she's been acting, and she does it anyway. She even writes on her arm everyday "flirt". What the fuck is that supposed to mean? She even uses a similar callsign or handle when she goes into chatrooms. I don't know what to do about all this. Maybe I shouldn't do anything. What am I saying? I NEED to do something. Tomorrow. Yes, I'll talk to her then, and teach her the realities of life.

When my father and Krys came back home I was in the middle of washing my car, and so my father thought it then would be a great time to put a cleaning agent that he had just bought especially for engines on the engine of MY car. Grr. After he washed off my engine, and I was gone cleaning up the rest of my car we tried to start then car. Lo and behold, it didn't start, and so there we stayed in the middle of my driveway for 3 damn hours trying to start my car again. Last time I'll let him put anything on my car.

Heh. The Powerball Lottery in Delaware is past 100 million I think, and my dad just went out to by some tickets. Like we'd have a chance to win that. What a joke.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I just won this:

Isn't that exciting? Thank you, you-know-who!

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