sleepless fury

may 8th

cracking face

Today was definitely odd. It wasn't really good, but it wasn't really bad. Ah well. I suppose I should explain.

Okay, before I go and explain the day, what is UP with that Blockbuster ad on the television? You know, the one with the little yellow face thing singing in some language that I don't understand? What kind of development team thought of that? I mean it's subtitled so that we can understand what it (?) is saying, but what language is it speaking? For some demented reason I like the ad, but it still losses me.

I slept in until noon time, not really expecting much to happen today, except to perhaps get together with the usual people that I meet up with on Friday nights, but the day took some unexpected turns. For some reason as soon as I awoke, I was compelled to look at the caller ID box to see if anyone had called. Get that? Immediately compelled to - not take a shower, use the bathroom, or roll over and go back to sleep - but to take a look at the caller ID. I wonder if there really is a thing as fate, or if it's really just a theory... Anyhow, better stop going off into other tangents. To my surprise I saw my father had called home from his work several times since 8 o'clock in the morning. I knew that some times I could be a deep sleeper, but wow! Our phones are really loud, and he must have called about 13-15 times. I must have stayed up pretty late the night before.

Anyhow, I ran over to my answering machine, knowing that he (my father) would have left several messages, so that I could determine how important his phone call was, and if not very important, I could take a shower first before I called him back. Nope. In the numerous messages that he left, he stated three time (in EACH message) that it was very important that I called him. My dad has this problem with being very, very, very repetitive. Even though he knows you'll do it once he tells you the first time, he still repeats it, not once, but three times. Sometimes he even pushed to a forth time, but by then people usually voice how annoying his repetitiveness is. So I pick up the phone and dial his secret phone number at work. How cool is that? A secret phone number so only family members can contact him. That's pretty funky. Anyhow, this "important" phone call is all about eye exams. Blech.

My father informed me that he had made an appointment to have an eye examination today, and decided that it be best if he told me. Heh. Good thing, since I called him at around 12:15, and the appointment was at 2:30, and it was a good long ride away, plus the rain was starting to come down pretty hard, so there would certainly be traffic. I sighed one of those "today is going to be annoying" sighs and entered the shower room.

After doing my usuals I managed to do a little tinkering with some webstuff before I had to leave for the eye doctor. As you can see I'm tinkering with my whole journal concept, and although it has provided to be interesting, I'll be the first to admit that it's not the best thing I could have produced. It has been awhile since I've worked with frames, so I think it'll be interesting enough to work with. I imagine the un-thought possibilities could be endless. Plus, I plan on including several mini movies in every few entries, so I think that will prove to be interesting as well. I like the though of experimenting with my journal. Who knows though, I may go back to the previous set up in a month if I don't like the way this journal is headed, or if too many people complain that they don't like the fact that they don't have access to everything. Ah well. I like it for now. So blah.

I left my house at about 1:45, knowing that it would take some time to get there. Good thing that I looked over at the watch and noticed what time it was - I was originally planning on leaving at 1:30, but since I got so distracted I stuck around for an extra 15 minutes. It was also a good things that I left at that time because I barely made it on time. The roads were crowded with terrible drivers that never seem to realize that driving in pouring rain is a lot different than driving in sunny and clear weather. People were driving fast into puddles, making waves all over the place and hydrofoiling, and I noted times where a few potential accident could have occurred. For the most part I kept on track and managed to find the office (even though I didn't know where I was going) and went in, where I met my father.

The eye doctor was nice enough. I believe his name was Craig, and he really made the experience a fun one, rather than something deliriously tedious. While examining my eyes we conversed about computers and such things. He was cool enough to even show and let me tinker with his video conferencing stuff. I was very impressed.

At one point he needed to put some liquid into my eyes that would make my eyes dilate and make everything blurry. It was quite successful in doing that, making everything bright, and making me feel as if I were high. For some reason it gave me the sensation that I was on some sort of drug. I even became terrible paranoid, feeling that the people around me were staring at me funny. Not a very pleasant experience.

The time was about 3:50 when everything was done. For awhile my father and I were stuck in the waiting room, joking around at how funny everything looked in the current state our eyes were in. When we left, I reluctantly agreed to go with my father to this HUGE mall about 40 minutes away from where I live, so that we could get our prescriptions right away. He told me that it probably wouldn't take that long, and that we'd probably be back before 5. I was pleased with the though of this, because I needed to deposit several checks that I forgot to give at my last visit to the bank, and my bank usually closes up at 6.

Bah. I knew I shouldn't have gone with him. We went there, and on the way up I needed to fill out several insurance papers. I felt rather silly, because the combination of writing while riding in the car and everything being so blurry caused me to write terribly. Upon inspection of the papers right now it looks like I wrote it when I was in the 3rd grade. *chuckle* Anyhow, we got there, and me being so paranoid didn't help very much. I tried to stay away from everything and everyone, including my father and the salesperson that was helping me and my father choose glasses. I managed to pick out a nice looking pair of Polo sunglasses, and since it only cost me about 20 dollars (my father managed to get 10 percent off, on top of the fact that our insurance would probably pay for the rest) I was very happy. My father on the other hand didn't pick as quickly as I did, and after about an hour and a half he finally decided upon glasses that look exactly the same as the glasses he has now. How silly.

We finally left at around 6:30, too late for me to go to the bank. Fuck. I was pretty pissed about it, but decided not to really show my unhappiness, since I DID just manage to get a pair of 250 dollar glasses for really cheap. When I got home I sat around, watching several shows of whatever was on Fox. The interesting part was that I was using the computer as well, and that my television was on mute. I have a habit of watching the television on mute, and I have no idea why. I suppose it would be equally and perhaps even more interesting if I listened to what the people were saying. Anyhow, Isaac called me and we decided that we would hang out for a bit. He came over at around 9, and we hung around my house doing stupid stuff, like playing a few games of do the dew as well as putting in a few rounds of MarioKart64. At around 11 we decided that it would be best if we went out and we decided that we would meet with our friend Jenn that worked at Outback.

I was very close to Jenn at one point in my life. We've shared a few close moments, and even though I haven't seen her recently as much as I would have liked to, I still value her friendship with me greatly. Jenn's face seemed to light up when Isaac and I walked through the front doors, but she sadly informed us that she wouldn't be off work until after an hour. We decided that we would hang around since there is usually nothing better to do in this dead-beat town. We managed to entertain ourselves with weird philosophical discussions about death, love and college life. Jenn finally got off, and we headed toward Golden Castle, another dinner similar to Zest.

At Zest we were all pretty retarded. I guess hanging out at 1 in the morning at an obnoxiously full dinner can do that to you. We still managed to feast. I think I bought a turkey sandwich, Jenn got a club chicken and bacon sandwich, and Isaac got french toast. All the servings were huge, but I managed to stuff everything in, I guess since I pretty hungry, plus I didn't eat at all the whole day. We caught up on old things, while Jenn and I agreed that we would definitely hang out as often as we could during the summer, which would be nice. She and I hung out quite a lot last summer, and repeating similar memories of us hanging out would definitely be something worth looking forward too.

We decided to go home at about 3 in the morning, and we parted ways in good spirits. I'm feeling pretty drowsy myself, but I'm quite proud, since I managed to kick myself and get a journal entry in, even though I really didn't want to. Lucky me. Or is it you? Bah.

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