sleepless fury

may 10th

Neon Dream

I've really got to get back to updating this everyday. This every other day business is really getting to me, and I'm getting mad at myself. Why, I don't know.

I've been neglecting my pages. After this whole frame redesign for Fury I've subconsciously put everything on hold. I guess I just needed some time to get loose and shit like that. Ah, don't mind me, I'm babbling. That's something that I've been doing lately.

Let's think, think, think. Saturday was weird. I guess after having one odd day, it was only natural that another one would follow. I woke up at around noon knowing that I only had to get into work at 1. Although it was pouring outside I figured I'd have the usual time to get to work, so I decided that I would bum around after I took a shower and dressed and leave around 12:45, giving me a good 15 minutes to get to work and park and all the stuff. Bad decision. Having forgotten that it was the day before Mother's Day I saw a line of cars turning into the mall. Damnit. I ended up waiting several minutes before I even had that chance to turn in, and finding a parking spot was no joy ride. After several minutes of searching for parking spot, I finally found a spot that wasn't too too far from an entrance, so that was pretty cool. I didn't matter when I think about it though, because I got pretty soaked nonetheless. The past few days the rains have just been relentless, and frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of it. It doesn't look like the weather gonna change for awhile too, so I suppose I should get used to it.

I get into the mall, and as I'm walking through the main corridor I suddenly see this man in front of me pass out. The mall was crowded so the number of gasps was kind of humorous, but I have to admit I felt pretty bad. Nonetheless I had to get to work so after I realized that there were more than enough people to help the poor guy I went my way.

Work sucked, as usual. After not having had to work with Pat for awhile I was pretty spoiled and happy, but my hopes for three weeks in a row when I saw her white hair behind the counter. *insert grumbling here* I managed to numb myself for the next 9 hours and since Pat screwed up the paperwork for the evening massively, I got to leave early. Woohoo!

Isaac managed to call me during work and informed me that after work I should head over to Alex's house right after, and then we would head over to our friend Ginger's house because she was having a massive party. How cool is this - Ginger's parents let her have a keg over at her house. If you ask me, she's got some pretty cool parents. Before we left for her house I called her up and told her that we would be over soon, and also asked who was there. Ginger said that it was pretty much an open party for all the people at her school (she goes to one of those small private majorly smart people schools) so she wouldn't have enough time to go through the list... When we drove up there were so many cars, and there were just so many people there that I didn't know that I thought I was gonna have a pretty crappy time. In fact, the three people that I drove up there with (Alex, Isaac and Jacob) didn't really know that many people there as well, so i figured that we wouldn't stay too long.

The evening actually turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. hehe. Since I was expecting it to be a disaster it turned out to be a whole lot of fun. I didn't drink since I was the designated driver for the evening, and I got to meet a lot of cool people. There were a few times were a few of us left out on some stuff, but for the most part we all managed to get along, and the people there were pretty cool, making us all fit in. As the part began to dwindle, Ginger begged us to stay and sleep over, which we all really wanted to do, but since Isaac had to get up real early in the morning we decided that we had to head home at around 2 in the morning. Nonetheless, we left in good spirits, while I guaranteed Ginger that I would call her sometime so a bunch of us could go out and do a park session or two.

Today on the other hand was pretty dreary. It was still raining so I spent most of the day indoors. I didn't get to mow the lawn, so I decided against vacuuming the house as well, and instead just did odd jobs around the house, like reorganizing my room and cleaning up the kitchen. My room as I write is still pretty much a hell hole since I've been moving all kinds of stuff around and packing away my winter clothes, evidence that I got distracted many times by either the computer or the several calls that I received. At around 10 in the evening I drove over to Gem's house to meet up with a few people that I hadn't seen for awhile since they just got back from college. Jacob was there, as well as Anne, Sally and Kelly, but Sally left suddenly, probably to talk to some boy who she plans on fucking. Ugh. She's a friend and all, but she's just so dirty. Ugh. The rest of us went over to Tom Jones where we talked about nothing and just went through the motions of hanging out. We still had fun and shit, but this damn place has nothing to do and it's been pissing me off. I guess I really shouldn't as pissed as I am, since Philadelphia is only 20 minutes away, but it really irritated me to think that the direct area around has no place to go except for 24 hour dinners. Argh.

Hmmm, nothing much happened after that, except for a few plans to go to a Phillies game, and me and Kelly heading up into the city to see Isaac since he still has a few weeks of school left.

I'm tired. I really should start getting to bed sooner.

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