sleepless fury

may 6th

Rocky Lands

Well well! A few interesting things happened today, stuff that I'm sure you're dying to hear about. So hear I go, ready to rear into my usual banter...

I guess my day really started when I was still asleep. Or maybe even before that. I mostly talked on ICQ until the wee morning hours, conversing with Miriam about recent troubles that she's been having as well as other conversations with other people that I can no longer remember. Nonetheless, even after everyone logged offline, I still managed to keep myself up until 6 in the morning, figuring that I would be able to sleep in as late as I wanted to, having finished school and my finals. Of course I was planning to head into the campus in order to register and schedule a few summer classes, but hell, that can wait for a few more days. So I finished doing silly little thing on svengali (such as redesigning most of sleepless thoughts, and adding three new pages to din) when I finally decided to head to bed and get some rest.

Major sleep depravation causes me to have lucid dreams that I can often remember. From what I understand, everyone dreams every night, in fact I believe we have several dreams, but it's whether or not we remember them in the morning. Apparently erratic sleeping patterns cause me to remember, because I clearly remember the dreams I had when I drifted off. My dreams of dying when I'm 21 seem to have reared off, clearing the way for several strange and pretty much fucked up dreams. I remember starting off, looking at the world through a fish bowl, and picking out several human beings of the world, and torturing them with silly methods, such as smothering them in a huge tank of swedish fish, or making someone eat a whole vat of those awful chocolate malt balls. Either way, it bothered me to some extend, but I suppose one can't readily control the way most dreams go. My second dream was just as bizarre. Imagine a scene out in the woods, with a log cabin, smoke curling out of its chimney, almost like something out of that Hansel and Gretel fable. From my perspective, I was creeping around in the middle of the day, peeking into the not so clear windows, trying to see who was inside. I could hear the crackle of the fireplace inside, as well as two individuals having what sounded like the most incredible sex of their lives. Yes, yes, I dream about these things. I'm sure you dream like this sometimes as well, you just don't remember. Why am I justifying myself? Shesh. Anyhow, I peer in, and I can't see anything. I manage to find the front door (you'd be surprised as to how hard it was to find the darned thing) and I entered, creeping cautiously to avoid being detected. When I finally entered the bedroom where the two individuals were having sex, I was shocked to find that the two individuals was a gorgeous young lady that I dated when I lived in Toronto and me. After staring at myself in shock, my vision was suddenly shifted to other me (the one having sex) and while I was going through the motions, I looked over to where the other version of me should have been standing shocked, and he wasn't there. Anyhow, the dream started taking a weird turn. After the sex we started walking around the woods, and hair started growing all over us and we turned into werewolves or some kind of monster. It was pretty unpleasant. Well, I suppose you're tired of hearing my wet/demented dreams, so I'll head off into real life.

I woke up in my usual state of confusion, wondering or not the dream was reality, and after realizing that it was just a figment of my sick imagination, I headed off to the showers. I noticed that the time was 2 in the afternoon, and I groaned at the though of my wasting half of the day. After I was done with my usuals, I grabbed my digital camera and headed out without a particular destination in mind. I've been neglecting to take picture for quite awhile, and I thought spending a few hours taking pictures of "whatever" would be time well spent. After driving for several minutes I found myself in the parking lot of a somewhat new recreational development. Some living near me would call it "Funscape", but I won't. I didn't end up going inside, as they probably wouldn't like the thought of me taking picture inside, so I decided to stay out and explore the area. The surrounding area is mostly construction so it never takes long to find interesting shots there.

I found myself near a sad excuse of a running track (it's more like a bunch of gravel thrown on top of some stuff) that surrounds a pseudo-pond. I really don't know what it is, referring to the pond. It's surrounded by a fence, and I think it's just a big hole that has collected the falling rains over time, and has also become the living quarters of several geese. In my demented state of mind, I tried speaking to a few of them, letting out honks (no one was around me, so I didn't have to worry about people thinking that I was crazy), and for awhile I thought they were responding to me. They weren't. I took pictures of them and such, and I was happy.

Suddenly from the distance (sounds like a sappy western novel, hehe) I heard several geese honking. I turned around to see two geese flying overhead, ready to take a landing into the pseudo-pond. It was absolutely breath taking. I watched in awe as they gently glided into the water, setting ripples that bounded to each side of the pseudo-pond. I was very happy. In fact, I was so captivated that I neglected to take any pictures. How stupid of me.

I searched more and more, finding several clever spots like today's visual stimulus. At one point I also found myself hurling rocks into the pond (of course avoiding the geese) trying to hit this huge rock that was jutting out of its waters. I managed to hit it several times, and I was pleased again.

Soon I ran out of dumb things to entertain myself, so I packed up the camera and headed towards a computer shop. How geeky am I? Well, I've been racking my brain if I should invest in a new computer, or upgrade mine even further, but I never can decide, and in the long run, I probably won't. I'm pretty happy with the one I've got now, at least ever since I put 64 dimms into it. *put cheer here* Nonetheless, there I was, walking around, browsing. I managed to find several things that captured my attention, such as a zip drive, and a wireless keyboard, cursor controller included. Together it would have cost around 250 bucks, and in a few weeks I'll probably buy them. But being who I am, decided that it would be best if I procrastinated, and not buy it right away.

I decided to head home when it started drizzling. I love rain and rain storms, but I'm not very fond of drizzling. They're more of an annoyance than anything else. Not exactly calming in my opinion. But that's my opinion. So I headed home, and talked with my father for a bit, then decided to jam for several hours, much to the irritation of my father and sister. hehe. After that, I went on my computer (what a surprise, no?) and did silly little website things again, such as editing the new pictures I had taken, and working on several shock movies. I'm also thinking about redesign my site, mainly focusing on my journal. But we'll have to wait and see on what I actually decide.

I managed to talk to several people on ICQ. James, Sammy, Chel and Miriam have become my regulars, and I managed to pull in a few lines with each of them. I was particularly happy with my conversation with Chel. We decided that we needed to forge on with our project, so we decided on a name and what the project would achieve, and I was pleased about that. She also redirected me to some spice girls survey, that analyzes your answers and determines which spice girl you most like. *laugh* I found it amusing, and a neat way to pass the time, so my thanks go to you Chel. Oh, and if you were wondering, I was most like Mel B - known to the world as Scary Spice. Interesting, no?

And that ends today's adventures. Will Randall escape? Tune in tomorrow, same Randall time, same Randall channel.

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