sleepless fury

may 5th

Empty Memories

I've recently reintroduced myself to Temple of the Dog. Ah. Definite music to my ears.

"I don't mind stealing bread..."

I really should be kicking myself in the ass and stop writing my entries so sporadically. I like it better when I write everyday, but hell, I'll be honest with you. Absolute shit has happened since I last wrote. Well, there were the usual get-togethers and stuff like that, but nothing really out of the ordinary. And I'm writing in this thing early assuming that nothing much will happen tonight as well. Argh.

"If it's an all night thing..."

Sunday was filled with nothing more than cleaning, and a midnight get-together with Scott and Dave. I've also decided to make Sunday mowing that lawn day in addition to vacuuming day and clean-my-room day. Basically Sunday is cleaning up day. How icky. I think I took three showers that day: one when I woke up, one after I mowed the lawn, and one more after I hung out and got all dirty. Nonetheless, it was an uneventful sunday day.

"Say Hello 2 Heaven..."

Monday wasn't much better. I didn't have school, as Friday was the last day of school, and I didn't have finals. So what does one do when there isn't anything to be committed to? Nothing. So I basically lounged around, something that I haven't been too used to. *chuckle* I felt kinda awkward walking around my house with nothing to do. I ended up jamming for a few hours, followed by working on more shock stuff on my computer and participating in some idle chat on the internet. Isn't it amazing how computers have changed the lives of so many people? I find it fascinating. Monday evening I went over to the mall and picked up Dave. We ended up going down to a local park near his house in the dead of night, and tried to play frisbee and other games retarded people do. It was pleasant enough, and I went to bed feeling pretty good.

"I wanna reach down..."

And today is Tuesday. I've recently just finished taking my last and only final in soc. Getting straight A's in the rest of my classes allowed me to get exempt from my other finals, which is always something to be thankful about. I managed to finish quite quickly, and so I decided to hang around in the student lounge so that I could see what Scott and Dave were going to do after they finished all their finals for the day and stuff. Scott said he was gonna go to the bank to deposit his paycheck that has been sitting in his wallet for 2 weeks, and Dave was going to join him, but they informed they would call me as soon as they got to Scott's house. So here I am, waiting, trying to figure out stuff to do to pass the time. I suppose I should do some HTML stuff for all the stuff that I've made. Several new picture have been scanned, more picture have been taken on my digital camera, and made 3 new wav's... Argh, and knowing me, I probably won't do anything. Ah well. Maybe I will. Okay, enough rambling right now. I think this is where it stops.

- all above quotes from Temple of the Dog

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