sleepless fury

april 21st

Dark Firmament

Argh. I really should stop writing in here so late.

I just found out that women kill their husbands in the kitchen more often than in other room, thanks to Miriam, the human statistic generator. *laugh* How delightful.

Today was lazy. The sky was lazy, the air was lazy, and the little streams by my house were lazy. It took a double amount effort from me to NOT be lazy, with this me feeling that everything else was lazy. I didn't want to go to class, but I figured I skipped enough. So, I got my lazy ass us up, did my morning shit (exercise, eat, shower) and went to school.

As usual school was bland and uninteresting. I walked around campus with an air of annoyance above my head, but I made sure not to let it get the better of me. I was glad when the tediousness of it all was over.

At lunch time I made the uncommon decision to drive over to McDonald's and get myself something to eat there. I don't like eating fast food that much, but I guess I was craving to eat something else, rather that my usual turkey sandwiches. As I entered the eating establishment I was surprised to find that when of my friends was eating there as well, Adrien. I hadn't seen her in quite a while - in fact, I think it was last summer when I actually hung out with her (she was over at my house during a "get-together") and last christmas since I last saw her. We got talking while standing in line and concluded that we should hang out sometime. I told her I'd call her sometime, and I left, not wanting her to neglect the friends that she was there with. I've always thought that Adrien was a was cool person, as well as very attractive, but for some reason I've never taken the time to call her. Instead, her number which was given to me several months ago, sits my on desk idle, waiting to mistaken as garbage. Argh. I guess I better call her next week or something, like I promised.

My weekdays have become more and more routine - eating a sandwich when I get home from school, biking to the park, playing tennis, and then biking home. Not that I don't like it (my bike rides are very relaxing, plus it helps me get the amount of exercise that I need) but it always leaves me with less to say in my journal. I always sit here and try to think of new stuff to write, but almost the same thing happens. I guess I could fill you in on my tennis performance. My serve (which for some reason has been a weak point of my tennis game until recently) has been excellent lately. I'm glad I got better at that because I always felt uncomfortable with my serve.

Geez, that sounded stupid. I think I'll stop right here, while I'm ahead.

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