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april 22nd

Dripping Sky

Tomorrow is Sammy's birthday (the 23rd). Since it'll probably be then by the time she reads this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today was a pretty good day, and I can't deny that right about now I feel pretty good. I guess this feeling of happiness can be credited to several reasons.

I bought new strings for my guitar. I know that sounds like a dumb reason to be happy, but it really is! Not only that, I bought strings for Allie's guitar as well! Well, I don't have to explain why buying strings for my guitar would make me feel good (so I can actually play it now!), but I guess I should tell you about Allie's guitar. Allie's guitar is a musical instrument that I've had for close to a year. *laugh* And she's been bothering me for about 6 months for me to give it back! And about 6 months ago, I snapped a guitar string, and whenever I snap a guitar string, I take all the others off as well - it's just wrong to not restring the whole thing! Well, I didn't restring it for awhile, and Allie's been getting kind of annoyed about that! And far be it for me to annoy anyone, right? *chuckle* To tell you the truth, her guitar sounds really good, and I can't wait to actually restring it and be able to play it for a bit... THEN I guess I'll return it.

I'm such a geek. Okay, let's get things straight. I'm not a trekkie (not that being a trekkie is a bad thing), but I do watch the several shows on occasion. Today I managed to grab most of the new episode for Deep Space Nine, and after watching it, I feel great! I don't know if you've been keeping up or if you've even watched it, so if you're uninterested while I blab about it, you can scroll down to the next paragraph. Well... FINALLY Odo managed to snag the Major! *chuckle* It just feels good for me to have the "underdog" so to speak, finally get what he deserves, and he most certainly deserved to have a lovely counterpart. But that episode was cool for so many reasons. Vic Fontaine (or the person who played him) was just spectacular. Just watching him, hearing him sing and groove mad me feel good. Listening to piano dance, the bass softly pound... ah, makes my heart feel at ease and my mind rejoice. But I think I'm really happy about the Odo and Major Kira (sp?) getting together thing. I don't know why. I guess I just explained it, but when I think about it, I feel silly. Oh well, I'm a geek anyway.

There's a name that I'm going to mention that I haven't heard of in several years. It goes way back to my BBSing days, when I used to frequent a local BBS called Castle Forlorn, yes, referring to the Ravenloft thing, if you have ANY idea what I'm talking about. Anyhow, back then I used to have massive conversations with a fellow who called himself "Kelvandor Dragon". And imagine my surprise, that after around 3 years of not speaking to him in any fashion, he contacts me through email and through ICQ! I responded to his email almost instantaneously (something I never really do). There's was nothing really special about Kevin (his name in real life) other than the fact that he wrote awesome stuff, but it was just cool to be able to stay in contact with someone from that time period and situation of my life. We told each other we'd keep in touch, and that is definitely awesome.

Finally, remember that girl that I mention WAY back in my math class? The one that I would catch glancing at me, while I did same with her? Well, I found out today that she's been asking about me. *chuckle* Not that I'm interested, as I'm not really diggin' the thought of entering a relationship with anyone right now, but how flattering, and tempting! Ibis (I know, a strange name... maybe it's a more popular name in Puerto Rico, where she's from) is a lovely young maiden (hee, that sounds silly) that I find both charming and personable. Whether or not I pursue something romantic with her is another matter though. Like I said, I'm not really interested in a relationship right now, just wanting to stick by myself and enjoy everything around me (you have to admit, a lot of times when in a relationship, you don't think of much else other than your significant other *laugh*) and such sappy things like that. But who knows. I'm a sucker for a beautiful face and and even more gorgeous personality.

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