sleepless fury

april 20th

Crystal Heaven

I feel cold and it's warm outside. Maybe I'm getting sick again. That would suck.

I hate going back to school after a beautiful weekend. Argh. It was a bit chilly out this morning, but after the clouds rolled away... Ahh... It was warm and toasty out again. But then I had to spend a good chunk of the day indoors. And why was I indoors? Because of freakin school. And school has been boring as shit lately. It's been awhile since I've written anything about school, because nothing has happened. It's like everyone is just going through the emotions, and not putting any work into it. The teachers are just there blabbing, and then they end up leaving early as soon as they are done lecturing, and the students just sit and listen. Then again, I guess that's what we're supposed to be doing, right? Well shit, I'm gonna complain about it anyway, because it's boring. And boring things never hold my attention. At least there's only a few weeks left. *silent cheer*

I just found out that my guestbook is NOT going to be free after April 26. Damnit. And TOAST was a pretty reliable guestbook too, unlike SPIN. And I like the fact that you only had to go to one page in order to view AND sign the guestbook. Oh well. I'm probably not going to get another guestbook for awhile, so all you folks that are reading this and haven't signed the "guestscrolls" yet... do it while you still can.

I've got this nasty bite on my left arm. I just woke up with it the other day, and now it's bigger. It's not a really bad bite - it doesn't itch like crazy, and it doesn't hurt when you touch it - but it's still annoying. The thing is I don't know when I got it... I can't remember when I was in an area where I would have been stung. Oh well, I guess you never know with this things. It's funny though, the bite makes it look like my triceps are huge, even though it is red.

I usually never go biking between Friday to Sunday, so I thought it was about time that I got biking. If I don't do something when I first think about, I probably won't get around to doing it for awhile, so I though I better bike right after school, before it turns into Thursday. Biking was pretty pleasant today... I didn't go anywhere new, instead staying on familiar paths and roads. It was a bit chilly outside (I think it was more the wind than anything else) and I felt stupid only wearing my usual sleeveless biking shirt. The odd thing is I took my time. Usually when I bike I push myself, trying to either go faster, or go harder on steeper hills. But today, I took my time, not pressing really hard as I went on my merry way. It felt good. I think I'll do that more often.

I didn't much after that. So I think I'll go.

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