sleepless fury

april 1st

clickety clack

Interesting. My power went out for a good 3 hours so I haven't been able to write this yet.

Old April Fools day. You know, lately I haven't been enjoying April fools day. I haven't done any pranks. Haven't done any jokes. Haven't done anything really. I think it has something to do with the fact that one of my friends died on an OD of cocaine a few years ago, due to a supposed "April Fools Joke". It wasn't funny. Shit, I don't think I'm even gonna talk about it.

The summer weather is gone. I guess it's for the better. Everyone here has been spoiled, wearing their shorts and t-shirts but now the clouds are rolling over and it seems like we're gonna get the spring weather that's supposed to be here around this time of year. I've actually missed the rain. I know, I know. A few weeks ago I was bitching about how the rain wouldn't stop and that it was getting on my nerves. Well, you also have to remember that for most of that time I was also sick with that damn sinus infection or something. It was a soft drizzle for most of the day anyhow... nothing to confining.

School was a drag. My theatre professor was babbling about machina ex deux or something like that.. I can't remember the exact term - hell, I wasn't even paying attention. It seems that lately when people have been talking to me, I haven't really been paying attention. I kind of just smile and nod, without really acknowledging what they've just said to me. I guess I'm just being an idiot.

I spent a few hours in the campus library, just doing some research on my math paper, and bumming around at the computer stations. I guess the temperature was on some kind of automatic system because it felt like a damn sauna in there, and no one could change it. I had to laugh though - every once in awhile you could hear someone cursing and complaining about how hot it was in there. I feel bad for the people that were in the library when it was actually hot outside... that must have been terrible.

I got home and decided to fix a piece of aluminum siding that has been sticking out in the wrong place on the front of my house. It's right above my garage, so every time I back in, I see this ugly black spot on my house in my rear view mirror. It's such an eyesore, but me being the lazy ass that I am, only got around to doing it today, even though I noticed it about a week ago. It wasn't too hard of a job, a little bit of pushing it around and nailing it in place, and it was finished, just like new. Well, except for the overwhelming amount of dirt and scum that was on it. Too bad I don't have a pressure washer. Too bad.

The rest of the evening was pretty boring. My dad went to Border while I opted to stay home and do nothing. I mostly sat around, catching up on my writing and watching a few shows on television. With the wonderful weather that we've been having the past few days, I haven't really been paying attention to the tele. I think that's a good thing though.

At about 9 o'clock, I was in the middle of watching a rerun of Star Trek Voyager (a rerun that I haven't seen, mind you) when the power just zonked out. That sucked. Just blackness, across my whole street. Krys started whining and complaining about how she couldn't see anything, and then my dad was being an irritating fart, pestering me on how we should built lights that went on in case of a black out. Too bad Mr. Einstein didn't think of that BEFORE the fucking black out. We probably won't end up installing those lights.

I went down to my living quarters in the basement, while I left my sister and father upstairs to squabble about who gets to use the flashlight. I had my own light (Maglight, made in the USA, yeah!) so I didn't have to bother competing with them. Thank God as well, for they were massively getting on my nerves. I think I was probably close to developing a headache, but I managed to clear out of the "annoyance-radius" before it started pounding.

For the next two hours I stayed in my bedroom in the dark, just looking out my window watching each lightning bolt stream across the night sky. Looked pretty funky really. Every once in awhile I caught myself counting the seconds in between the flashes of lightning and the booming of thunder. *laugh* I remember when I first learned about the whole "every 5 seconds is a mile" thing. I thought I was so smart.

Oh yeah, I got accepted into Comoflow. That was a cool surprise. I didn't think I was even gonna get in. I even remember bitching about it to Chel. How strange. Strange but delightful.

This life is the illusion, while the life beyond is the reality.

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