sleepless fury

april 5th

white waters

Sorry folks. My computer has been going through mental problems so I had to take it out of commission for a couple of days, resulting in my lack of journal entries. It will probably be down again tomorrow when I put 64 SDRAM into my computer (YEAH!) but after that everything should be back to normal...

Wow... When was the last time I wrote in here? April First? Phew, that was a ways back. A few things have happened since then.


That was so far back I don't even remember.


I skipped my last class and drove a whole 2 hours to pick up my friend Gem at Bloomsburg. The drive up there was interesting enough. I took a few cool pictures along the way, stopping my car whenever I saw something interesting come up. I left at about 11:30 in the morning and got there at around 1:30. I would have gotten there earlier, but Gem forgot to tell me to go west on a certain road, so I ended up going driving in the wrong direction for about 22 miles. That sucked. I managed to turn around after 3 minutes of continious cursing, and doubled time my way back. Thank goodness I didn't get caught - at the speed I was going they would have probably taken my license away.

I finally got there and picked up Gem and Anna (Julie's sister) and we drove another 2 hours back. I decided not to pick up the pace on the way home because I had two passengers with me. I've always felt that a certain amount of responsibility should be taken by the driver of a car to make sure that the proper amount of safety precautions are taken in order to protect their passengers. So, I did that, and we made it back without a scratch even though we hit 5 o'clock traffic. I dropped Anna off at her house and hung out with Gem for the rest of the evening. We caught up (as usual) and then she treated me to dinner, which was pretty cool. She said it was the least she could for picking her up. She didn't have to, but it was still pretty nice.

At around midnight we parted ways and I went to sleep over at a friends house. When I got there everyone was pretty much retarded and not thinking properly , so I decided to just go to bed. I think Allie was there, but I didn't really notice because I was so exhausted.


I woke up the next morning, took a shower, and went straight to work. Work was hell. I have never been more annoyed in my life. Pat was a whining bitch that did not stop getting on my case about every single thing. She would comment when people I knew passed by and just said "hi". Just said "hi"! She went up to me after that and said, "I don't think you should have friends coming in and visiting you when you're at work..".. What a fucking bitch. I didn't tell them to pull up a seat and have some coffee and ask what was going on in their lives! They just came in and literally said only hi! Argh. How annoying. That wasn't all though. The co-worker I usually close up with doesn't work with us anymore. She decided that she could get a better job in St. Louis, so that's where she is now. Lucky. Instead, I'm stuck working with Pat and this snotty little girl who thinks she is the shit. She thinks she is so damn good looking and that she's God's gift to man. What a joke. For one thing, her attitude needs a major make over. When I talk to her I feel like she's talking down on me, as if she thought she were better than me. And when she decides to "lower herself" to my level and talk to me, she tells me all these dumb-ass stories that just half to be lies. For instance, she keeps trying to tell me that she had seven people stalking her at the same time. SEVEN? Give me a break! At least pick a more believable number, like 2 or something. I wonder if these seven guys ever got together to compare notes. Eyesh.

Anyhow, as you can imagine I was glad to get off work, which was around 10:30. I drove over to Gem's house right away to see what she was doing. She was kinda tired, but we decided to go over to Mark's house. He was having a party since his parents were out of town. It was loud. It was busy. It was hectic. We didn't stay there very long because the whole environment at his house was just obnoxious. I dropped Gem off and I went home to get some sleep.


Nothing happened today. Well, besides cleaning up my house and sitting outside on my porch playing guitar. Oh, and I washed my car too. But the best thing about today was the weather. It was a tiny bit windy, but the sun was out, spreading its glorious rays everywhere, making everything seem brighter, fresher, more wonderful. It was such a pleasure to be outside, breathing in the fresh air. I'm glad that I spent today all by myself. I've been overdue on some soul-searching time alone. I've come to realize that I enjoy being by myself a lot. Don't get me wrong, the times I've spent with my friends have been great and irreplaceable, but my time alone is what helps me to get grounded and decide what I want out of myself. It's a time to decided whether or not I'm headed in the right direction. It's a time to decide whether or not I'm moving to Arizona.


I guess I was going to have to bring it up sometime. I may move to Arizona. The place where my father works has been going through some rough times, and they are laying off about 9000 people. My father's job there is pretty secure and he's not worrying about being fired, but they don't provide the hours that he's used too anymore. But now my dad's boss is offering him an opportunity to head an operation down in Arizona. My father has been trying to decide, and although I don't have to, I may go with him. He hasn't been in the best of health, and he really has no one that will constantly be with him... and even though I sometimes think he is a bastard, he really has provided so much for me. So I figure this is the least that I could do to help him out. But don't too frightened - the plans aren't final. We're just thinking about moving, and even if he does go down to Arizona, I may not. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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