sleepless fury

march the 30th

They're Here...

I just got back from taking an evening cruise. One that I needed. It cleared my head. My head of mind mush and shit. My head has been so cloudy because of this god damn beautiful weather. And I can't think. My mind is blurry. I'm complaining. I'm a dork. Fuck.

I took a couple of stops on my cruise. I passed by Allie's house mostly to get my papers signed for my Canadian passport papers (Allie's father is a judge) and also to see if she was home. I thought it would be nice to see her, but alas she wasn't home.

I also took a stop by my old high school. There were rumours floating around that there was a lacrosse game going on, and I thought it would be cool to pass by and talk to the lacrosse coach, and see how the team was doing. After all, I was captain.

I was disappointed. My coach was in a pissy mood because the team was missing. Which shouldn't have been. Last year we had a 16-2 record and this years team was supposed to be better. But already they are 2-1 and will probably end being 2-2 after tonight's game. They only highlight of tonight was seeing a few old friend that were there. I also got around to asking Kelly is I could take a few pictures of her for my game, and perhaps a few extra curricular pictures. She smiled that smile that I've always loved and said yes. How delightful.

Other than that today has been cruddy. I just sat around brooding about how crappy I felt for some reason. I didn't listen to my professors and ended up leaving 30 minutes into each of my classes. Today wasn't productive at all.

I didn't talk to anyone on ICQ. Not for long at least. I tried to talk to Sammy, but I needed to do something, and by the time I got back, she wasn't online. I keep sending IM's to Chel and she hasn't replied.

I need new guitar strings. Ack.

I'm glad that you don't know me. I'm glad that people avoid my journal and that it remains hidden in the dark corners of the internet, covered in cyber cobwebs. I'm glad I have been untouched by the hypocrisy that is so often found through the many cyber-communities that have developed over the web. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice people out there, but so many seem fake, so many seem like sunshine friends, and when you are actually down and say so, they either go quiet and down reply to your messages or email, or start talking about how they feel. Not that I want to be sympathized for... Actually, most of the time I don't, but sometimes.., just maybe once I would like it.

Damn, this is a whiny entry.

Deal with it.

I'm still not bored with my Revolution Toy. That's pretty cool.

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