sleepless fury

march the 29th

In Mystic Thought

Damn. I think I missed Aeon Flux.

I got to sleep in until noon. Yahoo! I love doing that. It's so relaxing. What can I say? I can be a lazy ass bastard. *chuckle*

Hmmmm. What on earth happened today? Nothing too important. Sunday has been designated as clean-up day of the week, so I did mostly cleaning today. Vacuumed, swept floors, cleaned up the mess in my room, the usual cleaning chores. Nothing extraordinary really. I'll say one thing though. Today was absolutely gorgeous. I stopped my cleaning chores every once in awhile to go outside on my back deck and just sit in the warm sun and breath in the fresh air. This whole week has had beautiful weather. I hope it doesn't chance anytime soon. Everything is looking that much greener, that much fresher, and that much prettier. It seems like we just skipped winter and went straight from fall to spring. But who's complaining? I certainly am not.

Oh, I got a call from Julie today, which was totally cool. We've been keeping in touch through email, even though her email server fucks up every once in awhile, but imagine my delight when she called my house! That was awesome. We talked and caught up on the stuff she's been missing and discussed when she'd be coming back. It was just plain cool to hear her voice. Our conversation didn't last long though, because her calling card ran out, and plus I needed to get some food for the week.

Other than cleaning I spent most of the day watching MTV in hopes that I'd be able to tape some episodes of Aeon Flux. I know that there are a lot of people out there that don't like that show, in fact I know some that despise it, but for some reason I can't get enough of it. I've watched every single episode (except perhaps some hidden pilot tapes or something like that that wasn't released) but I still love watching it. Perhaps I should invest some cash into just buying the video tapes. I'll have to think about that though.

Anyhow, I am disappointed. It seems that I have either missed Aeon Flux, or it just hasn't come up yet. It's 11 o'clock in the evening though - chances are that I've already missed it. That sucks. It wasn't a total loss though - I got to watch some episodes of The Maxx and Daria, which are pretty funky. I especially like Maxx since I'm a fan of Sam Keith. He's got such a bizarre mind. I love it.

Speaking of comics, I forgot to mention that I sold a lot of my comics during the week, for which I got a grand. So now I'm a thousand bucks richer. I still have a few comics that I still want to get rid of (I'm actually thinking of selling my X-men #2) just because I realize that I haven't been into collecting as much as I used to. I like to drop in a local comic shop every once in awhile and catch up on stuff, but other than that, it hasn't been to appealing. Maybe it was a phase, but it was one that I certainly don't regret. I'll probably still buy a few comics now and then, just to keep myself up to date. Hell, I found myself in a comic shop the other day looking for some of the issues I was missing for the whole "Age of Apocalypse" thing, but I could find none. I guess I'll have to look harder. If I have the time. And you probably have no idea what I was just talking about, which is cool too.

I've started to get a little more serious about programming my Oneiros game, in fact I've finished the first stage. The graphics are nothing special, but I think the story line is pretty cool. Well, that graphics are OK, but nothing to drool over. They're mostly just pictures I've taken and some edited stuff... But I think the game will turn out cool. I'll probably be finished up in the next two months or so.

Well, gotta go, so I can fully absorb "Paranoid Android" into my head. I love Radiohead.

Paradise is closer than most of us suspect.

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