sleepless fury

march the 24th


I just finished a 5 hour surfing session. And I was only looking for new fonts. Goodness gracious.

Today proved to have its few moments of interest. But not at school. That's NEVER interesting.

After school I went over to the mall to get something. Well, not just *something*, but something I've had my eye on for awhile, but it seems too petty that I never got around to getting it. Well, today, I spoiled myself and went out to get it. What is it you ask? Well, I was just about to tell you. *laugh* Actually, it really is kind of silly. I got myself one of those "Revolution" things. You know, those things that claim to be "the most efficient spinning devices in the world". If you've been in one of those nature stores like "The Discovery Channel Store" and "Natural Wonders" you've probably seen one of them before without even knowing what it is. You might have even tried one out. But you might also be mistaking it for one of those "Levitron" things, which are the tops that spin in the air. It's not like that at all, but it uses the whole magnet-levitation principle. Basically Revolution has magnets inside, and the base has magnets as well, and with the reverse polarity and the positioning of the spinner makes it spin for a long time. Pretty funky if I say so myself. I guess you can tell that I can be easily entertained. Hey, it was only 15 bucks, so I'm not gonna complain. Levitron is like 40. Eeyesh.

I drove over to the body shop to see how my car was doing. It's doing great! My family has had a lot of bad experiences with body shops, and so I was totally surprised when they informed me that my car would probably be finished by tomorrow! How cool is that? The last auto body shop that we went to, it took like 2 months to get our car back. The guy was basically gonna scam our insurance company for more money, which really wouldn't have bothered us, but we were paying for our rent-a-car. That's just not cool. But yay! I'm getting my car tomorrow. Hopefully. *knock on wood*

Steve contacted me through ICQ today, which is odd because we never have been able to talk through ICQ. It always screws up on me when I try to send him a message, but for some reason it worked today. Maybe one of those weird fate/destiny/screwy things. Oh well. Oh yeah, if you never read my names list, Steve is the guy going out with Gem. Steve is a very cool fellow, but just recently him and Gem got into this fight. Apparently this girl who Steve used to like asked him if he'd take her to her senior prom. I imagine that Steve instantly said yes, even thought they are only good friends now. But as you can imagine Gem got a little upset. They got pissed at each other and the whole blah blah blah of relationships kicked in. Arguing and everything. But now, here was Steve, asking me for some advice, hoping that I didn't mind. Well, I didn't. I usually don't like giving out advice unless people ask, because so many times I feel like I'm talking out my ass, even though I do believe that my advice can be very good. Nonetheless, I avoid giving it out, unless asked. I basically told Steve that I thought it was pretty inconsiderate of him to accept right away without telling Gem first, and that he should have at least told her. Mind you, not ASK permission to go, but merely tell her, and let her subtly know that he cares about what she thinks of the situation. I hope that advice helps out. *shrug* It's not my relationship anyway. If you ask me, it's a pretty dumb thing to fight about.

I'm in the process of redesigning my site. Hopefully it will be even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than it is now. It will be awhile until it gets completed, so don't expect to see it anytime soon.

Insanity - is it a curse, or a gift?

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