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march the 25th

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I haven't felt this good in awhile. I woke up today, took a look outside and KNEW it was going to be a good day. The sun was out, shining bright through my windows, the blinds making these lines of shadow on my floor. Pretty cool. I was so excited (how dorky is this?) that I immediately went outside to see if it was even remotely warm. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it was. For the past 3 weeks, when the sun came out, it was still freezing ass cold out. A bunch of my friends were saying that it was like the sun was teasing us, making us think that it was warm, when it was really cold. But now here I was, standing just outside my front door in my sleepy shirt and boxers, feeling the warm rays of the sun shining down upon my face (which had a few of those pillow creases..hehe) and breathing in the somewhat warmer than usual air for a March morning. It was great. With a smile on my face I headed for the shower.

School was dorky. But it doesn't matter because the sun was out! Woohoo!

Well, school wasn't too bad. I got to talk to my professor in math, and he might recommend me for math tutoring, which wouldn't look too bad on my resume. But that's just a might. Plus, I'm not even sure if I want to tudor. Just thinking about it is nice though.

I got another letter from NYU today. After acceptance they've been offering all these scholarships and stuff. This is one I'm actually gonna apply for, because I *might* actually get it. Basically, I just gotta be a Pacific Islander. How funky is that? I still might not get it, but any free money for college is always cool. Then again, that is if I even go to NYU next semester - which I doubt. I'm sick of moving around. I'll probably waive up acceptance for a year or two and just hang around here.

After school I went to a local park around where I live and took outdoor pictures for the online game I'm trying to make. I got some pretty good pictures, but I've noticed that it's a little difficult sometimes to see what I'm taking a picture of, and I always have to adjust my LCD screen. It's slightly annoying, but the pictures that came out were perfect. I made them all slightly fuzzy, to give them a kinda weird sleepy look - like everything wasn't normal. Kinda like you're not sure if it's supposed to look that way or not, but it really is.

Man, I feel good. That's all I kept saying the whole day. I just felt good. Happiness was surging through every part of my body, and I just want to keep it all inside of me. I know this isn't going to last very long, so I'm savoring every second of it. It feels so uncomfortably wonderful.

I've owned my little Revolution toy for one day and a half. And I'm not bored with it. Yay!

Too keep milking this happiness thing, Chel felt pretty good today too. She had her sour points during the day, but she's pretty happy, which makes me feel even better.

I spent most of the evening trying to redesign my site, and do a little programming for Oneiros. I didn't do too much that I was happy with, and even thought the sun went down I'm still feeling pretty much good. I hope that I feel this way the next morning. That would truly be awesome.

I'm trying to think of more to write, but I can't. I guess that's it.

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