sleepless fury

march the 12th

Staring Into the Unknown

Wow. I'm exhausted.

I wasn't able to write a journal entry last night because I wasn't home. A couple of my friends went down to Gem's beach house for the night, and it was a total blast.

There were people there who I've already written about in my journal, such as Gem (duh, her beach house), Julie, Jacob and Susan, but there were two that I haven't written about yet - Kelly and Stacy. Kelly and Stacy are pretty cool, but I have to admit that I've never really held a close friendship with either of them. They're in the range were they go beyond acquaintance, but they aren't really friends. At least not true friends. Perhaps it's my fault - I admit not really taking any particular interest in cultivating my relationship with them.

The trip down was cool. I drove with Jacob as my passenger, while the women rode with Stacy and Susan - it was such a segregated trip. Classic "8th grade dance" syndrome. Keeping the girls and boys apart. It was pathetic. *laugh*

Anyhow, we got there and it was pretty much a slow driving cruise into the ground for us - at least for me and Jacob. Okay, if you haven't figured it out yet, we had alcohol. Plenty of it. I think there were two cases of Yeung Ling Lager and Black Tan, and an extra bottle of Absolut Vodka. Right away Jacob and I cracked open a beer while the ladies stuck to Vodka. A few of us played the card game "Asshole" in the kitchen while others watched retarded movies in the living room. It was pretty much a cool afternoon and evening.

There were a few moments that I sobered up and had some pretty decent thinking spells. I remember venturing outside (it was absolutely FREEZING) after taking a head count to make sure that everyone was okay, but I found that Julie was missing. I really didn't tell anyone that I was doing head counts - I didn't want them thinking that I cared or anything. *chuckle* Anyhow, I went outside to look for Julie, grabbing a shwimmer to smoke on the way. Yummy. I found Julie sitting alone by the dock.

The view that night was incredible. As I was walking toward Julie I noticed how bright the moon was, and how its reflection cascaded upon the lake, which seemed kind of busy with the wind blowing over its waters. There were lights in the distant (possible a port, I wasn't too sure about my surroundings) and the soft glow of each dock light was gorgeous as it shone upon the reflective surface of the water. I was in awe, but I kept that to myself as I approached Julie.

When I finally got to her, she told me to have a seat (which was also freezing by the way - basically it was a damn cold night). Gladly, I obliged. We soon got talking about future plans and what the future held for us, topics that I usually avoid talking about, but I found myself blurting out questions and things that I thought about and what worried me, and that Julie was asking and telling the same to me. At one point of our conversation I asked her where she thought she would be in 5 years. She told me, "Probably flying jets.". Wow. What ambition. I answered with, "I'll probably still be a bum" and laughed quite loudly after. She joined in my laughter and reassured me that I probably wouldn't become a bum, but rather something quite successful.

I hope she's right.

After 30 minutes the frigid air was starting to nip at our bones so we decided to head in. I found that everyone inside was still pretty much retarded. And once again, I immersed myself within the evenings activities.

At about 2 in the morning everything pretty much settled down, except for me. I was suddenly hit with a massive case of hyperactivity. I sat in front of Julie asking her if she wanted an Oreo, and when she didn't accept it, I started pretending that the Oreo cookie was talking to her. Retarded. To tell you the truth, i feel like a jackass now. She probably thinks I am too. *laugh* Oh well, it was fun at the time. Jacob, Susan and I watched Presumed Innocent after my little hyper spell while Julie fell asleep on the floor. The movie was very enjoyable, especially the ending. I'm going to have to watch it again, just to make sure I didn't miss any important details.

It was a good day, and a good night.

The next morning was another matter. Jacob and I shared a room, while the other girls divided the remaining rooms between them. I believe we got to asleep at about 4:30 in the morning, which wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that we (Jacob and I) were awaken by the loud talking of Gem, Kelly and Susan at 9:30 am. Jacob snarled and told them to shut-up, and then all hell broke loose. People started running into out room just to annoy us, screaming at us to get up, jumping on our beds (Julie, you're dead!), putting a wet face cloth on our heads (Susan, you're dead too!), and just generally annoying the shit out of us. If I didn't have such a good time the day/night before, I would have been really pissed, but it was all in good humor. I guess.

We eventually got up and cleaned the remaining mess in the house. It didn't take long because Susan woke up early by accident and couldn't get back to sleep, so she started to clean the house by herself. We got everything together and started our adventure home. You could see the exhausted look in everyone's eyes, and I'm sure that everyone probably fell dead asleep once they got home.

I know I did.

The rest of today wasn't too interesting. I went over to Susan's house and met up with Allie. We went to eat at Denny's by ourselves because Susan didn't feel so good. We caught up on things, and discussed our possible love prospects. It's totally cool that I can still talk with her about anything, even after we had dated each other. There are just so many relationships that end up in pure hatred for the once-significant-other, and I'm glad that this one didn't up that way. After that we went our separate ways and I ended up at Gem's house. Stacy, Jacob, Julie and Julie's sister Anna eventually came over as well, and we watched television for a good 4 hours. We are such dorks. But I guess subconsciously we really didn't want to do anything because we were so exhausted. It was enjoyable nonetheless.

"Sometimes I just don't want to wake up and face the day." - Jacob

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