sleepless fury

march the 10th

Strangers You Thought You Knew

When I got up this morning, the first thing I thought about was the digital camera. Then I went back to sleep.

That other night tired me out. Strange, because I usually don't run on a lot of sleep anyway, but last night I was REALLY tired. Oh well. I got an extra hour of sleep.

When I got up it was around 11:30. I did my usual waking up thing and then went to the bank to deposit some cash and my tax return. Oh yeah. Getting money for doing absolutely nothing is great. After that I drove to Service Merchandise. And there I bought it. 350 bucks for a Minolta Dimage V, which comes with: groovy software package, a flash, an AC adapter, carrying case, detachable and rotatable lens, macro feature, multiple focus settings, 2 memory cards batteries, and of course a pretty good LCD screen. It was marked down from 699.99, so I probably got on of the best deals out there. I was so psyched about buying it, that I probably spent 4 hours straight just playing with it and figuring everything out. I'm so excited, there are just so many things out there that are interesting - I can't wait to start taking pictures of them. This'll probably be one of my best investments.

Nothing much happened during the afternoon. I was still fumbling around with my new toy, and I faintly remember my sister and father stepping into the house and having some dumb-ass argument. It's so irritating. They can never just calm down and talk to each other, they have to scream. Don't they know that they can't hear each other past their screams? If only one of them would take the incentive to just calm down and talk softly, the other person would eventually calm down as well, and then a solution would be much easier to come to. I tell them this all the time, but when they actually start arguing again, all my advice goes out the window. *sigh* Oh well.

At night I drove over to Susan's house, as I thought we were going to go there to watch that show Dawson's Creek (which I'm not particularly fond of) but all the girls wanted to watch it, so I had to deal with it. First of all, I someone got the plan wrong, as they weren't at Susan's house, but at Julie's. Argh. Julie lives close to me than Susan, so that was irritating. I hate backtracking.

I got there and we watched the show. It really didn't entertain me, but it was funny staring at the faces of all the people there - the way they contorted into funny shapes when something happened. It's fun observing people's faces, like when they react to certain things.

There were a lot of people there that I haven't for a long time. I think about 10 people were there at one time during the evening. It was good to see them all.

I got an email from Julie the other day which was pretty cool. Apparently there were parts of my journal that touched her, which makes me feel good. I guess that the intention of any writer/pseudo-writer, to make the people who are reading you works to feel and know the emotion of the characters you are writing about. It makes me feel good to know that I've achieved that to a certain degree.

I've always liked writing - ever since I can remember I was writing. I believe I was in the first grade and I wrote some garbled poem about my mom and the sky with crayon. It was pretty terrible, but even from there I could see that I enjoyed to write. Ever since then I've been writing poetry, stories, music - I just enjoy being creative, and making everything I feel and think about about stem into these creative outlets. It's a sort of rush, and gives me a feeling a self-worth, a sense of achievement. And every time I create something new, I sit and analyze what I've written and look further into my soul and learn something new about myself. Basically, it makes me feel good.

Only the strange shall survive.

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