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march the 9th

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I did NOTHING for the first half of the day. It felt really good.

Once I managed to get up, I went around in my basement looking for the missing part of my bike. I couldn't find it. It frustrated me briefly, but I got over it. It shouldn't be an expensive piece to obtain.

At around 3 in the afternoon I drove over the my sister's school, to pick her up. I had never really hung out with her before, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do. We drove around our local area for a bit, examining different types and models of digital cameras. That's right, digital cameras. I need to get one desperately, as there are too many beautiful and interesting things that I see through my eyes that just need to be taken and and posted up on my website for others to see. I had my eye on this one camera for awhile, but after I had a conversation with Chel a few days ago, I realized it wasn't the one for me, so I decided to look around at other ones. It was actually a lot of fun. Krys (my sister) and I laughed a lot, talking about funny things (mostly stupid and silly things my father does) and the afternoon passed away quite quickly. I also managed to find a great camera with all sorts of funky stuff and options for only 350 - priced down from 699.99! An incredible deal, so there's no way I'm gonna pass it up. I'm going to go there first thing the next morning to pick it up.

After all that I dropped Krys off and went over to a local hangout place Funscape to go catch a flick with Jacob, Susan and Gem. We watched the Wedding Sister even though I voiced my disapproval - I didn't think it was gonna be funny. And it wasn't. There were a few bright moments, such as the little kids, Drew Barrymore and Billy Idol, but other than that I wasn't impressed. Oh well.

After the flick we went over to Gem's house (Julie managed to meet up with us) and watched a *much* better movie, the Changeling, starring George C. Scott. Ever since I first saw it, I've loved it. It's always posted under the "horror" section of movie rental stories, although it isn't a horror. It's not even really scary, but it has a lot (and I mean a lot) of freaky scenes and it really gets the mind flowing. I love it, I love it, I love it. Gem kept whining through the whole movie about how scared she was, and it got a little annoying, but I didn't really mind. After all, someone can't help when they're scared, so I gave out a little compassion.

After the movie was done we headed out separate ways, and I came home and wrote this journal entry. And I suddenly realize that I'm drop-dead-tired, so I'm gonna get some sleep. See you later.

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