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march the 13th

Stopping the Moons

Friday the 13th. Scary.

Actually, I know that the ritual of "Friday the 13th" being unlucky came from an ancient Egyptian ritual. Even with my fascination for Egyptian mythology, I didn't know that until I played a game of Jeopardy with Jacob and Isaac over at Isaac's house. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Well, what happened today? I managed to write two papers today. The first was about an interview I had with my next door neighbour, and the second was about Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. I was glad to finally get them out of the way. Although I never really thought about it *that* much, its weight did rest upon my mind. When I was finished with that I went back to sleep until 2 in the afternoon. It feels so good to be able to get a nap freely without having to think about going somewhere or having to do something. Too bad spring break is almost finished.

Around four in the afternoon, after taking a shower and doing what is usually my morning exercises, I rode over to Gem's house, which has seemed like my second home during this spring break. Jacob also came over and we ended up watching March Madness with Gem's dad, who is totally cool. I still laugh at the thought of making fun of Gem, and her father joining in - he is so awesome!

Jacob and I got hungry so we went over to Angelo's, a little restaurant/dinner place and bought a cheese steak, fries and a vanilla milk shake. Yum! A feast for champions. Shyeah right! I can still feel the cholesterol running through my veins. Anyhow, there was this really hot girl working there, and I believe her name was Layne. I noticed her looking at Jacob every once in awhile, but he was trying to convince me that she was looking at me. I couldn't really tell anyhow, I never could get a clear look at who she was looking at. It didn't matter anyway, because we never ended up talking to her. I guess we were too absorbed with out food. *laugh* Maybe someday I'll actually go up there and talk to her.

The rest of the evening was pretty much repetitious. We ended up at Gem's house again and watched the terrible game between Delaware and Purdue... It was disgusting, terrible and absolutely embarrassing. I felt so bad for the fighting blue hens.

Julie came over later that evening with her friend Anna from Navy. They both play lacrosse which is cool since I play lacrosse as well. I feel bad for saying this, but sometimes women's lacrosse is so boring to watch after watching a men's lacrosse game. But if it were between a baseball game and a women's lacrosse game, I'd definitely watch the lacrosse game. Women are lovelier to watch anyhow *laugh*

Anna seemed nice enough, and was very relaxed even thought she was suddenly immersed into a strange and foreign environment, which is quite an admirable quality. It's a shame that we never really got talking with her, as she seemed like an interesting person. I do remember talking to her at one point over AOL Instant Messenger when I was over at Julie's house, but she was more concerned with talking to Julie than with me. *laugh* Oh well. Perhaps someday we shall talk further.

We ended up going back to Julie's house that evening, where we met up with Julie's sister Anna (yes, another Anna) and Sally. We watched Addicted to Love which was a surprisingly pleasant and entertaining movie. I enjoyed it, and how could I possibly deny that Meg Ryan was great to watch? I couldn't.

I'm home now, waiting for Chel. She said she'd be on tonight. Oh well, perhaps we'll be able to talk tomorrow.

Now here I am, writing away in my journal, which I've come to conclude has become a vice for me. At least it's not an expensive one.

Jealousy can be so maddening.

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