sleepless fury

february the 24th


My head is spinning.

Yup, that's right, I'm still sick. I didn't go to school today, listening to the advice of Chel. I stayed home, and sat on my sick ass, doing almost nothing. I went through the motions, eating, drinking, sleeping, blowing my nose. Oh, that's new, by the way. When I woke up today my nose started running. It wasn't yesterday, so I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing.

After doing all that shnazzy stuff I went back to sleep. I woke up at around 11 in the morning and immediately headed toward my computer. What can I say, I'm addicted to these things. I have ever since I was little and my father purchased our first computers: A commodore 64 and an IBM XT. Neato, huh? Those things are like ancient relics now. I still love my XT though, I do some messing around with that every once in awhile. Anyhow, I got started on redoing the main/index page of my new acquaintance/possible friend Leigh. I really didn't do much to make it that better, but I did organize it a bit. Plus I made a neat looking title image for her page, I hope she likes it.

After I finished with Leigh's page, I got talking to a friend on ICQ. I'm sure a lot of you reading this know what ICQ is, that nifty little communication program that helps you to meet new and interesting people. Well, I was talking to Visquene on ICQ and we started talking about how she was still freaked out about that anthrax scare in the Las Vegas Valley, and that she thought he should rot in a jail cell. I told her "Even if you put him away, there will be some other fanatic out there that will hold the power to destroy the world in his or her hand - and who knows, they just might. We just need to live day by day and appreciate the best of it." You know, that's totally true. It's scary to think that there's probably more than a dozen crazies out there just itching to destroy the world. Hell, one of you might be reading this right now. The thought of that just urks me.

After that conversation I went to bed. About 4 hours later I was rudely woken up by the screaming idiocies of my father and my sister. Apparently my sister was pissed because she was pretty sure my dad told her to wake me up for dinner. On the other hand, my dad was pissed because he was pretty sure that he told Krys (my sister) to go to my room and ask me what I wanted to eat. Well, ever after I went up to the kitchen in an attempt to stop them from screaming at each other, they kept fighting. Gee-sus, they kept fighting through dinner, even a half hour after I had already gone back to my room to sleep. Why the hell would you fight about something that stupid, and why would you even continue to pursue it if it wasn't even really that important?

I can no longer see or hear the voice of eternity. Where did I go wrong?

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