sleepless fury

february the 23rd

I didn't feel good at all.

Ever since I woke up this Sunday morning I haven't felt good. Remember that party I was going to? Well, I ended up sleeping there. The party was cool. A few people came over and we talked about the old days, the days of present, and the ever-so-close future. The party was at Allie's grandmother house, which was kinda weird because we always had to worry about not breaking stuff, but it was still pretty cool. People I hadn't seen for quite some time dropped by, and we jammed a bit with the several guitars that were there. Actually, there was only one guitar, but we tried our best to share.

Anyhow, when I woke up the next day, Allie and Susan were cleaning the house, while I laid on the couch pretending to still be asleep. Haha. That was pretty sneaky of me. Well, when I woke up, I felt fine. Actually, I felt pretty good. But as soon as I got home (which was about noon) I started feeling bad. I started getting this headache. That's how this recent pain all started. That silly headache.

Well, that silly headache hasn't gone away. In fact, the whole sickness has increased 3 fold. My headache is now severe - I feel like something has been tapping my head non-stop for the past 24 hours. My lungs feel like they're carrying 20 gallons of water, and my throat is all scratchy and hurts whenever I attempt to talk. It just doesn't feel good. My cough sounds like a cow being hit by baseball bat. Well, I wouldn't really know what that sounds like, since I've never heard what a cow being hit by a baseball bat sounds like. I hope I never do, that would be terrible. But as you can imagine, it doesn't sound good. I've been taking some medication. It hasn't done much.

I went to school today in daze. It was raining outside (still) and I couldn't concentrate. I made it to school without an incident, and for that I was happy. Theatre was terrible. I couldn't hear what my prof was saying. Hell, I couldn't even think. At one point in the class, I wasn't even sure I was there. At another point, I didn't know where I was. After class Misty asked if I was feeling okay and told me that I looked a little green. I thanked her for her concern, but stated that I was okay. Why the HELL did I say that? I felt like shit.

I stumbled toward the library. There I tried to sit at the computer lab, where I did some surfing, but the pain was too much. I crept over to couch and laid there for a few hours. At around 2:20 pm I got up to go my afternoon class. That was no fun as well. I ended up leaving early so that I could go home and get some rest.

I got home about 4 and went immediately to bed. While I was about to drift off to la-la-land, I got thinking about the party Saturday night. I think Carrie (a girl at the party) had sex with someone. With who, I'm not quite sure, as there were several young men who seemed interested in her that night, but then again, I'm not even sure if she DID have sex. I'm gonna have to ask her tomorrow.

I slept until about 7, when I got up in a sickly sweat and proceeded upstairs to the kitchen. I cooked myself some soup. Yuuuummm, I love ramen soup, or whatever it's called. It's so good, it felt like my throat had taken a trip to paradise or something. Its warm feel and wonderful taste did wonders for my mouth and throat, and I was glad I took my little trip to the kitchen.

When I got back downstairs ready for another sleeping marathon, I was greeted with a instant message on PeopleLink. It was from Chel. Apparently Chel thought I was angry with her because I didn't reply right away to her message today, and also because I didn't reply to her yesterday when she paged me. How silly of her to think that. I didn't reply right away to her today because, as you read, I was eating. And I didn't reply to her yesterday because I was feeling crappy and fell asleep. I told her so, and she was relieved. I was too, I didn't want one of my new good buds to think I was angry of her. Still, that was silly of her to think that :).

After our conversation I went to bed, got up at 10 to take some more medication, and then went back to bed. Then, I had that dream again. You know, like that one I had awhile ago? Hmmm, I think you can read about it here. Anyhow, there were a few differences, such as instead of playing lacrosse, I was swimming in a pool of mud. And instead of just falling dead, a big rock fell on me. It was pretty brutal. Oh well. I woke up after I dreamt that in another sickly sweat, and decided to write this before I forgot.

Anyhow, I still feel crappy. I'm gonna get some sleep.

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