thursday, october 28, 1999 10:13:19 pm

look at his nipple!

i've been at work all day, which is something i just realized as the clock ticks 9:38 PM. i'm going to go home and take a shower. no doubt after that i will fall into a hazy sleep and dream of silly and demented things, things that i won't remember tomorrow morning when i awake unrefreshed and unprepared for what the day may bring.

sing to me and i will come. write your contact information on a napkin with the help of a leaky pen and give it to someone you are attracted to in that significant other kind of way, knowing full well that you are unsure if that person is attracted to you. drink a can of coke, followed by a glass of water, and then a bottle of pepsi. lick the thumb on your right hand and run the saliva across your left eyebrow.

even if you are okay, not feeling any pain whatsoever, take an aspirin. can you feel the difference? is it the medication, or the wonderful feeling your brain likes when it has become overwhelmed by the placebo effect?

i may be walking behind you tomorrow. i may not. but can you ever be sure? perhaps if you know that i don't live near you, but then how do you know that i'm not travelling to your town, city, villa, metropolis tomorrow morning, or maybe tonight? that might be me, looking at you, glaring at you with my pseudo-evil eye, playing paper doll with with the image of yourself within the confines of my mind.

i've come to realize that i can be a fool and a genius, and sometimes an amalgam of both. you see, that's why i shave my head, just so i can be sure.

c'mon, pick your nose. no one's looking. i swear.

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